June 2012

Dragons in Paris

If you are familiar with recent popular western music then you should have guessed where I got inspiration for this post title from. If not, the answer is Jay-Z’s and Kanye’s song “N***as in Paris.” Well after seeing the snap shots of Big Bangs fantastic leader G-Dragon strutting it all over Paris with hot pink […]

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Kpop Cafe: K Story

K Story is a Kpop lovers dream but in a calmer manner. This cafe allows you to sip cafe mocha (though very watery) right beside a signed photo of Rain and watch your favorite Kpop videos! I had been planning to go to this cafe since last December but never quite had the chance or

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Japanese Music You MUST Know About

Japanese fashion and music is free and inhibited. Everyday people and musical artists can be whatever they choose to without public scrutiny. No one compares one with another and everyone gets the respect and credibility they deserve. Music wise, one thing I despise is when a Western artist comes out and does something weird, then everyone thinks it’s something new. Haha,

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Promise I’m not a Tourist!

This is part 2 of my Summer in Seoul style photo series. These were also taking at Gwanghwamun Square in front of Gyeongbokgung palace. I also included the pictures taken with the young ladies from Indonesia who interviewed me. {Update: Found out these ladies are a singing group from Indonesia! Thanks to Anon for tip!} Fun

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