December 2013

New Year Resolutions

The new year is finally among and of course we must make some resolutions! This year I’m only making 3 since I know I like to drop and forget about things so I though 3 things were short and sweet. Below are resolutions I’m making in Kpop with #1 being the most important for the […]

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Beauty Wishlist

Shopping for a Korean cosmetics lover this season? Check out the list below for simple and great priced face products items that will definitely put a huge Kpop smile on their face. 1. Essence Facial Masks are usually the way to go as they are cheap in price and more readily available in most areas

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My Christmas Wishlist

A list of some gifts I would LOVE to receive for Christmas from Santa (but probably won’t.)  Sigh…A gal can still WISH right?? 1. Taeyang Ringa Linga Hoodie $85.99 Oh yes, I’ve talked myself in and out of buying this because of the steep $85 price tag. I tell myself “I can buy like 4 or 5

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Get Your Kpop On

When you’re a Kpop fan, you see Kpop in everything you do. Being out and about or at home cooking, SOMETHING will remind you of your favorite song or dance from a Kpop artist. For me, shopping would be where I get reminded of things. Below are a few accessories that make me say “OMO!”

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Kpop Tag #4

A tag all about my favorite groups! Has my bias changed in any groups? What was the first video I saw from them? On a scale from 1 – 10 how much do I know about them? Check out the answer below! Group 1 – Big Bang  How did you know them?: A friend in

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