My Christmas Wishlist

A list of some gifts I would LOVE to receive for Christmas from Santa (but probably won’t.) 
Sigh…A gal can still WISH right??

1. Taeyang Ringa Linga Hoodie $85.99

Oh yes, I’ve talked myself in and out of buying this because of the steep $85 price tag. I tell myself “I can buy like 4 or 5 YG items for the price of this one hoodie!” but then a minute later “BUT it’s Taeyang OMG.” Oh the life of a Kpop fan.

2. GD The Saem Makeup Case Ver 3 (or ver 1, I won’t be picky) $8.99
At the actual The Saem shop, this is only available if you purchase $150 worth of products. (Hmm HELL no.) Good YG decided to sell it separately (and cheaper online.)

3. GD OOAK Live in Seoul $39.99
Because this was an amazing concert AND I might be on it since they interviewed me while I waiting in line. *Crosses Fingers*

4. VIXX Vol 1 Voodoo $18.99
I’ve purchased every single one of their CD’s except this one. I MUST complete my KOLLECTION! 😀

5. Big Bang Seasons Greetings Calendar $49.99
If Santa doesn’t bring me this HE’S going to be on MY naughty list!!!! Haha just kidding!

Does this come in a life sized poster?

What’s on your Christmas List?

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