5 Stylish Gifts for Fashion/Beauty Lovers – 2021

Here’s 5 of my top gifts for fashion beauty lovers from – a fashion beauty lover! 
Trust me, we’ll love these. 🙂 

1. Vintage Wall Art

I’ve been eyeing this wall art for a while. I’m a huge fan of Versailles/1600 century French decor. My dream home would be one decked out in wall to ceiling floral wallpaper with colorful gaudy furniture and photos just like above. Lol, I’m sure who ever you buy this for won’t want their decor quite as extreme but if they love historical fashion then this wall art is perfect for them. It also adds a special flair with the feminist quote to show ultimate girl power so definitely check all the awesome quote wall art this Etsy shop offers. 

2. Shirley Chisholm Sweatshirt

If your friend loves fashion and social causes then this Shirley Chisholm sweatshirt from Phenomenal Women is the perfect gift. Shirley was the first black woman to run for president in the 70’s as well as  the first black woman elected to Congress.  You can find many more items representing women of color from their shop.

3. Christian Sirano Fashion Book

There’s no way to love fashion without loving one of the most inclusive and innovative designers there are – Christian Siriano. This book will look great staged on a fabulous bookcase or as a conversation piece for a coffee table. 

4. Facial Mask Bowl Set – Get 10% off using this link!

I own one of these sets and let me tell you – they are so useful. I apply mud/unicorn sparkle/bubble masks a few times a week and desire to use utensils instead of my hands to apply the creams. Definitely a must have for a beauty lover. 

5. Bath Bomb Subscription Box

What better to pamper oneself after a long day at the office (or juggling work life balance while working from home) than a relaxing aroma filled bath. With a subscription service, you can try out new scents every month. Your friend will be quite thankful!

What stylish gifts will you be giving this holiday season?
Let me know in the comments.

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