October 2011

Seoul Fashion Week 2011

Saturday October 22nd I arrived in Hangyeoul around 11 am and trotted into Setec where Seoul Fashion Week 2011 was taking place. I had absolutely no knowledge (because I am still in the process of learning Korean) that the public could buy tickets to each show! Beforehand I had just guessed each show was only allotted for industry insiders

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Black Milk: Pour Me A Glass

Black Milk is an absolute favorite brand of mine I recently discovered. I haven’t ordered anything from them yet but after I’m done getting my international bank account set up here, I will definitely have my card ready. The clothing below is quite AMAZING and literally out-of-this-world. Unfortunately more than half the items shown below you can

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Seoul Designer Series: Vandalist by Vandal

Vandalist by Vandal A Yonsei University graduate, Vandal (Heemin Yang) started the Vandalist brand in 2006 with a Fall/Winter Collection. Vandal takes on the identity of Vandalism, creative destruction, in his brand. The first collection showcased menswear crossing over traditional boundaries. The Feather symbol of Vandalist stands for “IDEA” and “FREEDOM.” The Vandalist by Vandal

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