The Kpop Files! JYJ’s Album Review & Kpop Socks!

So I went to the amazing and breath taking shopping mecca that is Dongdaemun in Seoul this weekend and passed by some KPOP socks on the streets I could NOT resist! I have a crazy fetish for collecting cute socks. I have a LOT of socks. More than a person should have but I can’t resist socks with cute characters on them like penguins or other random stuff. Kpop socks are an extra plus because I can buy characters of my favorite Kpop groups.

Can you all guess which group members these are?

To be honest I have no clue which member of 2pm this is. I just thought this sock was cute. lol

OF COURSE, TAEYANG from Big Bang! It looks like he’s singing “I just want to know baby baby where you at, where you at?” lol

I had to read the Hangul on this one and sound out the words. It came out to be Jonghyun who is one of the best singers in Korea and my favorite of Shinee. You guys didn’t know I could read Korean huh? SOMETIMES I CAN.

Also back home in Samcheok I got the sudden urge to buy JYJ’s new album “In Heaven”. While I was in the music shop I asked if they had any old school Rain CD’s which they did!
It’s RAINING BABY! I promised myself while Rain is gone I will learn the Korean lyrics to all his songs because I was mad all the crazy fangirls new the words and I didn’t! It’ll help me in learning Korean also!
Check out my Review of the album.

 Pictures from the JYJ’s CD booklet.

Now I support both Homin and JYJ but I rock JYJ music WAY more because they have a very mature
emotional sound. It’s not about the dancing or clothing, it’s about their vocals and the pain they have endured during the past year. I can really appreciate them being so open.

I don’t really have a bias because I like them for their music not their looks. I mean hey they’re not bad to look at at all, it’s just my heart beats for only ONE MAN in KPOP. You all know who THAT is!
And a FREE poster with my CD!

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