Blumarine Fall 2011

Brights are still in, and who other than Blumarine to show how its done. Below are some of my favorites from the Fall 2011 styles that will be seen this fall. Its hard to think of sweaters when its still blazing hot out but we fashionistas must always be prepared!

Key Trends: Loose fitting dresses and jackets, Trench coats, short dresses, soft lace of any color, and knee high boots

Collection Synopsis: This collection seemed to have 3 different focuses; the on-the-go ‘Career woman’, the ‘After Night Woman’, and the woman who is both ‘Career and After Night’. The first pieces in the collection had a New York vibe of busting through streets filled with yellow taxis and grey sky’s. 

 One look that I am not in favor of for the ‘Career Woman’ vibe is the use of rib knit. Rib knit tends to be a dated aesthetic to use and wear.  I would definitely put the Blumarine consumer in the late 20’s to early 40’s, so I’m sure rib knit would not be her first pick for a style of shirt. It so reminds me of when I was forced to wear a rib knit shirt for the holidays. Ughh!

Next is our ‘After Night Woman’. She keeps it sleek and sexy with her black lace that could easily be paired with a trench coat. She could be making a late night visit to a friend or wearing her lace trench coat as a layer piece to her outfit for work.

Leave it up to Chanel Iman to make a trench jacket look 10x more fierce than usual.

And last but not least here is our somewhat 70s inspired ‘Career and After night Woman’. She likes to be bold in and out of the office. Because of this there is no need for much jewelry because the bold color she sha-shays in is an accessory itself.

Last and most important, Anne Molinari, Blumarine designer!

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  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the first out from "After Night Woman", also the second one. and the Chanel Iman o.M.G. PLEASE POST MORE! DEF NEED MORE INFLUENCE ON FALL CLOTHES I LOVE IT

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