8ight Seconds Grand Opening Gangnam

While meeting up with a friend for dinner, we stumbled upon the grand opening of Korean brand 8ight Seconds new store in Gangnam (GANGNAM STYLE!).  My friend had received a flyer advertising the event right before we met up so we thought it would be great to check it out. As we walked closer we could hear loud live music, flashing neon lights, balloons galore and security out the wazoo.

Oh yeah you know what “Gangnam Style” is right? Of COURSE. 😉

As we entered we were handed cards which at first I thought were some sort of advertisement. To my surprise it was a FREE 5,000kwn gift card to use on anything in the store!
One of the great things about shopping in Korea is the free stuff that comes with purchases. From laundry detergent, makeup or food, it WILL have some sort of free item with purchase that is practical and very useful.
We also were given stickers to put on our arms that had a numbers on it to keep track of people entering because there were SO many folks inside! 
Of course the first place I went to find my free item was the jewelry section! (As if I don’t already have enough jewelry to start my own store. Lol)

Neon satchels were hot trends for the summer and seem to be transitioning to a fall product. The ones sold here were 40,000 ($35USD) which is a practical. I mean Proenza Schouler has them on Net-a-porter for $1,995 while H&M has the replica/knockoffs for only 20,000kwn! ($16USD)
Took a picture while waiting in the long line.

Don’t know why I decided to look so surprised in this picture. And I feel I look like a dominatrix
with my necklace on. HAHA

The event was nice and it was cool to see the store fresh and new. I ended up getting a set of assorted small fluorescent round and spiked earrings. Oh me and my spikes!
Until next time…….

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  1. OMG! Thank you very much for following my blog, you are super nice! I really love reading your blog, because your blog is super cool and also you like to write about Korea things! hehe..
    so lucky enough you attended Seoul fashion week, whoa! I'm so envy! 😉
    Fighting Chingu! Kamsahamnida, see you!

    Xoxo, http://spyonmefashion.blogspot.com

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