Learn Korean! Fashion Vocab #1

Learning Hangul at times can seem like a challenging and daunting task. Learning a new language as an adult takes a lot of discipline and time. One thing that I’ve found to spark fun into my studies is to use the most interesting and applicable vocab. For me it’s food, clothing and emotions. I have the food expressions pretty much down packed since Korea was a new country for me and I had to figure out how to order, where to go and how to express if something was spicy or not. The other expressions that pertain to me are words to describe fashion. Since I’m starting on this adventure I thought it’d be great to share so we all can further in Hangul and learn fun vocab and phrases about fashion!

Now with this I am assuming you know the Korean alphabet and its sounds. If not click here to start!

For this first lesson we will go over the basic words to describe fashion.






All 5 of those words have the same hangul word 유행 pronounced Yoo Heng.

For the word fashionable you’ll use 유행 but add  at the end. 유행의
pronounced Yoo Heng Uie [sounds like your saying “eww” with more of a “u” sound and adding an “e” at the end.)

The word fashionable can also be written as 최신 유행의 pronounced Cheh Shin Yoo Heng Uie.

Helpful Tip: A lot of times English words are used as Konglish aka Korean + English. So instead of saying or writing 유행 someone will write 패션 which is literally pronounced Phe Shun {since there is no F sound in Hangul, the ㅍ or P sound is used to substitute. So its spoken Feshun aka Fashion.)

Now let’s use our new words!

I like Fashion.
나는 유행을 좋아(요)
Na nun yooheng ul joh ah (yo)
( I) Na nun     (like) Joh ah

나는 페션을 좋아(요)

Or how about this.

I am fashionable.
내가 유행이다
Nega yooheng e da
Nega (I am) E da ( a form of ‘to be’)
The 의 is dropped because….Koreans said so 😉

So there you go! Your on your way to describing fashion things in Korean!
Next time we’ll go over more helpful phrases and clothing vocab.

Photo Credit: http://mizziarado.wordpress.com/

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