Oppa Gangnam Style Halloween Costume!

The absolute best idea for a Halloween costume this year would have to be Psy! It’s quite easy to emulate and EVERYBODY will get it. I remember dressing like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in elementary school…but nobody could guess who I was! (A lot had to do with my mother dressing me like a vampire instead of a vampire HUNTER! Lol) Unfortunately since I’m in Korea I won’t get a chance to dress up but at least you can!

오빠 강남 스타일!

Oppa Halloween Style!

Tuxedo jacket, 86,450 KRW / Coast cropped pants, 151,625 KRW / Chunky heels, 15,445 KRW / Ring, 8,345 KRW / Ray-Ban ray ban, 166,925 KRW / Hair bow accessory, 3,325 KRW

Tips on how to get the look

Suit Jacket: Find a local thrift or Salvation Army in your area and browse the men’s section. There should be plenty of vintage style grandpa jackets available! OR
Go through your own grandpa’s closet! Psy’s jacket is a very 70’s style piece so your 할아버지 should have PLENTY of prom type tuxedos.

Button up: If you don’t already have a white button up, go to Wet Seal or a department store like Macy’s and pick up one for cheap. Button ups are timeless pieces that are usually available in a variety of places.

Pants: Black slacks can be purchased at any department store or check out a thrift store for a second hand pair. Don’t pay over $25!

Wayfarers: These style of glasses are very timeless and go with any outfit but can get quite pricey. So I’d suggest hitting up a fast fashion retailer like Forever 21 or Wet Seal. They will have a large selection of glasses for cheap, usually $9.50 – $15. And the glasses can be used for your daily wardrobe also!

Shoes: You can definitely go with the black and white oxfords that Psy rocks in the video, but to put a feminine twist to it I opted to use black and white polka dotted pumps. It gives the outfit a touch of flair without losing its main focus. Now for shoes I’d first suggest hitting up the thrift store again. If no luck there, then search around stores in your local mall. If you want to do heels, Charlotte Russe or H&M should definitely have a good substitute available for you. Remember to keep the black and white color story!

Bow Tie: Again, your grandpa’s closet is your best friend! Check out his dear accessory drawer from the 70’s. My grandmother still has most of my grandpa’s old clothes and I can picture ALL these items in his closet. Yes…even the blue jacket. Lol.
Now I opted for a feminine bow that can be purchased for less than $5 at Wal-Mart or the accessory stores Icing or Claires.

Ring: I thought adding a cute mustache ring would add a cute and quirky flair to go along with Psy’s fun personality. So while shopping you run across a funky ring or maybe even one with a horse on it than BUY IT! It’ll give people more things to “ooh and ahh” over!

So hopefully these tips will assist you in becoming Mr, Oppa Gangnam Style! Drop a comment to let me know what you’ll be dressing like for Halloween this year!

Enjoy students at my school performing “Gangnam Style.” Definitely the cutest thing ever!

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