Seoul Fashion Week 2011

Saturday October 22nd I arrived in Hangyeoul around 11 am and trotted into Setec where Seoul Fashion Week 2011 was taking place. I had absolutely no knowledge (because I am still in the process of learning Korean) that the public could buy tickets to each show! Beforehand I had just guessed each show was only allotted for industry insiders and press just as New York or London Fashion Week is. This was to the contrary because Asian high designer fashion as a whole is still progressing and working it’s way into the world spotlight. Therefore the public becomes part of the PR and marketing machine. All tickets were sold out but SFW was kind enough to have a jumbo screen in the lobby that had live feed of each show. I was lucky enough to catch the VANDALIST BY VANDAL collection!! Ah how sweet right? I did a post on him for my Seoul Designer Series. He’s definitely a favorite of mine. I also checked out menswear line D.GNAK. The people attending were just as fashionable as the runway models. I got photographed a few times which was really cool. One of the photographers gave me the info to check out the pictures but its Naver, a Korean site, so it’s a little difficult for me to find his blog. Anywho without further ado…..SEOUL FASHION WEEK!

He’s looking mighty fierce looking like Jay Park from 2pm!

The lady in the middle had the cutest outfit out of everyone. She was so darn cute. I want those boots!

As you can see, man bags are all the rave in Korea. And very bright ones at that.
I spotted that someone misspelled D.GNAK on the screen. Hmmm.
D.GNAK by KANG.D Collection

 These types of seamless arm coats are really huge in Korea for women.

He was tall and handsome so I just thought I’d take his picture. Sadly his looks will fade when he becomes an Ajushi! Ahh!

Sorry for all the back shots but I tried to get folks while they were somewhat still and if I asked some people for picture they would have looked at me weird and walked away because they wouldn’t understand me. SO I did incognito picture shooting!

Loved her bag!

Vandal kept with the usual monochromtic color story and opted for less notions this season. 

The buyers room.

Dolls that are a part of a joint partnership with UNICEF.

She sat next to me and had on some cool shoes!
Man bags….now man heels?

The guy in the greens outfit is SO General Idea Fall/Winter 2011. Take a look.
See what I mean? I have a good eye!

Posters outside the subway station.

I LOVE free goodies! A copy of Korean “W” magazine and a program.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the pictures! I can’t wait until next year (hopefully I’ll have more clout by then and can get front row!) It was definitely exciting to be so close to high fashion and around others with the same likes and aspirations. There were quite a few foreigners there, mostly European though. I was the ONLY mocha swirl in the bunch but I represented well so NO WORRIES!
Who will be spotlighted in next weeks Seoul Designer Series?

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