DIY Blinged Out Nón Lá

So today my family and I attended the Ethnic Enrichment Festival at Swope Park in Missouri. It had a performance stage and booths with all different types of foods, fashion, dance, and crafts. From Samoan, to Greek, to Japanese, and Jamaican, this festival had it all! Of course I had to go to the Korean booth to get some tasty treats. I tried Kimchi for the first time and loved it. It was very spicy but for some reason it didn’t bother until I noticed my nose started to run! I also ordered a cup of noodles (that were overpriced) that I didn’t know were hot and spicy also! I had a Sprite to quench my thirst so my mouth was seriously on fire.

 I also tried Korean BBQ and loved it, though I think I might be scarred from it for life. When I was checking out the menu at the Korean booth there was a young gentleman handing out samples. When I approached him and the plate he was holding I stopped to stare at the strain of hair that was lying on the side. Unfortunately I believe it was my strain of hair because I had just got done braiding my hair so it wouldn’t get soaked by the rain. The young man didn’t seem to notice it was mine so I quickly threw it off the plate, grabbed the BBQ, and acted like I had no clue where it came from! (I was crazy embarrassed.)
Now I should tell you that it was pouring rain off and on the entire time we were there, so I decided to get an Asian style hat from the Chinese booth. My $7 was well spent but a little too late for my hair. It had already frizzed up and looked like I had bed hair. I put my hair in a side braid and carried on eating my  Noodles and Kimchi. As I was eating my nice but spicy meal it sprung upon me that I had a 5,000 count container of multi-colored rinestones I hadn’t used much. My brainstorming went to work and as soon as I got home, Miss Rhinestone and Mr. Glue were my BFF’s for the next 35 minutes. The result was wonderful and I now have a cute and creative Oriental style hat! I can’t wait to wear it out and about. It reminds me of the Haus of Price booties that I am obsessed with (which are currently sold out). So please check out my latest creation below. I will be making jewelry and restyling some more items to show and hopefully sell! Please stay tuned!

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