“It’s Tricky” But Not Too Tricky To Try

Here is my newest look from lookbook.nu/pinkfashionninja. It’s in homage to Hip Hop legends Run DMC who will forever reign Kings of Hip Hop.

Doing this look is very easy and just takes a little vintage shopping and piecing together the right items. Below are the simple items you need to have the perfect 80’s outfit.
Of course you need a top first! It can be a DMC shirt or an off the shoulder 80’s top. You can find them at stores like Wet Seal or Delia’s.

Bottoms: Sweatpants will do or a pair of colored skinny leg jeans. Wal-Mart or Hot Topic would be a great place to look.
Shoes: Can’t forget about the ADIDAS! I chose to wear boots since I only own 2 pairs of tennis shoes. (I’m a heels gal.)
Foot Action or Footlocker will be your best friend for this one.
Accessories: Big framed glasses are a must! (I pop the lenses out of mine so I don’t have to clean them!;)
Try Icing or Charlotte Russe for some fresh shades.
A GOLD chain or “Dookie Chain” as they used to call it will really add the Run DMC flair to your outfit! Online or a consignment shop is the best place for this.
A 3 finger ring with an 1980’s word on it gives you extra street cred. A lot of kid stores have these. My brother found the one I have and it probably came straight from the 25 cent machine. 

If your a guy, having an Adidas track jacket is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Macy’s sells a lot of Adidas products along with Foot Action.
Last thing you need is a BOOMBOX and your ready to go!
And while your getting your outfit ready why don’t you listen to the fresh tunes of “It’s Tricky” by the trio!

*I do not own any of the photos used. Credit to their owners.

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