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K Story is a Kpop lovers dream but in a calmer manner. This cafe allows you to sip cafe mocha (though very watery) right beside a signed photo of Rain and watch your favorite Kpop videos! I had been planning to go to this cafe since last December but never quite had the chance or remembered to go. But last weekend I hung out with my Kpop loving friend Heather (who I met at the Xia Junsu concert) and finally made the trip there.

Myeongdong is extremely easy to get to but it was SO HOT in Seoul that weekend we decided to take the bus instead of the subway. Oh good golly should we have not! Literally the entire bus ride we thought we were on a rollercoaster at Everland! That exact reason is why I will now always stick to subway or taxi. You can barely stay alive on Seoul buses!

Located across from SPAO and UNIQLO

Anywho what I really love about K Story is it’s Rain collection! It can be quite difficult at times to get Rain merchandise because 1)He’s been out for so long 2)he’s not a young Kpop idol. Now Rain is the most famous Korean in Korea but since he’s not one of the many young idols or groups that the fill the young hormone girls hearts, not a lot of Kpop stuff is made for him anymore.

K Story had a TON of Rain stuff from multiple signed CD’s to his actual costumes from the Rain Best of Concert (the very first Rain concert I attended!) I was in Rain Cloud Heaven.
My friend and I also requested videos. Since she’s a JYJ hardcore fan she requested them while I “calmly” asked for RAIN BI! Lol.
Also mostly every Kpop artist known over the past 5 years has signed CD’s or merchandise there so it’s for all music lovers!

The people that worked there were extremely nice. I’m not sure if they were the owners but they chatted with us, turned out the lights so we could view the videos better and even gave us free face masks from the Japanese face shop downstairs! They also played every video we requested! I also enjoyed how it wasn’t a very stuffy atmosphere. It was okay to touch stuff and walk around. That made the experience even better.

It was a wonderful experience that all Kpop fans that come to Korea should have. It’s a very calm atmosphere where you can sit and chat about whatever’s on your mind. If you would like to visit K Story check out this post from Ramski Station. There’s a detailed map on how to find your way there!

Rain’s outfits from the Best of Rain concert last year.

Had to switch up my hairstyle for the 2nd pic!
The Rain masks were so funny.

Dolls for Rain made by fans.

Whoa that’s a LOT of signatures!

Rain’s the King of K Story!

And when you sit on the toilet in the bathroom, Won Bin looks back at you with a bottle of beer. 🙂

All photos taken by pinkfashionninja. Credit if using them for another site.

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