What’s Up Korea: Why are you touching me?

For this week’s What’s Up Korea, I discuss the sometimes too handsy people I run into in Korea. Nothing serious, just AJummas, Ajushi’s and little Korean kids being curious, I guess? Lol.

3 thoughts on “What’s Up Korea: Why are you touching me?”

  1. This had me dying! I had my VP try to rub the skin off my arm as if to expose a hidden layer of Asian underneath. Sir, if in fact I did paint it on, they why are you rubbing off hours of hard work!!

    You're hilarious, which part of SoKo are you in?

  2. Lol that's funny. "hours of hard work!" Lol I love your humor also!

    Its great to have another SOKO expat understand first hand! LOL
    I currently live in Gangwondo in Samcheok way on the east side of Korea.
    Howa bout u?

  3. I love Gangwondo, I've only been to Chuncheon, though so Samcheok is officially on my list of places to visit now. I'm on the east side too (but south) my town is Hapcheon … i love your blog, don't stop =]

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