City Hunter and MCM: Partners in Crime

I recently got done watching the incredible, heart-pounding, non-stop action, tear dropping suspense drama “City Hunter” staring the tall, suave, fine, dynamic (you know I can go on) Lee Min Ho from Boys Over Flowers. I really really wish America had dramas such as this. Though I barely watch TV anymore, when I do turn it on all I see are reality shows, cop/CSI dramas, or Dr. shows. Not saying those shows aren’t good, I just like variety. I love shows that pull my attention so much that I can’t run errands or do my homework (when I did have homework which I don’t have anymore!) because my eyes are that stuck on the screen. BET’s show “The Game” is the only show this year in the USA I believe has done that to me.

Other than this, that would be it! Like I said before the Korean show “Boys Over/Before Flowers” brought me to “City Hunter.” (Yes I’m a little late watching BOF, okay I’ll admit that, but it doesn’t lessen the impact it has!) I could not pull my eyes from my lap top. That show was beyond amazing. Though I’m a grown woman, I still have that tweeny heartthrob syndrome that the youngins now fill with Justin Bieber. Back in the day (lol like the 1990’s and early 2000’s) I was in love with N’sync, MTV, and B2k. I get to relive that with Kdramas. Crushing over some tall cutie or clutching my pillow in tears because the lead girl and guy can’t be together is fun (and my little secret!).
So after being captivated with this show along with others like Miss Ripley, The Fugitive Plan B, Full House, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I found another distraction to my day: City Hunter. Now I’m new to the whole watching kdrama thing because while I was in college I never had time to watch TV shows so I just listened to Kpop.  Now that I’m not so busy, HELLO KDRAMAS! 
The costume design in City Hunter was very appealing. I felt the colors and fabrics matched the mood and characteristics of the characters well. Lee Min Ho looks stunning in anything that is put on him just like in BOF. After seeing him in BOF I quickly became a fan and hopped over to City Hunter. 

When I wasn’t balling my first in fury, screaming for him to run, or covering my eyes at the suspenseful parts, I spotted many (and I mean many) MCM products. [I have blogged about MCM once before with their superstar spokes model Rain.]
Though they had a spot in the end credits like most product placements do, I really appreciated that the items weren’t just randomly thrown in. They actually went with the plot of the show. For instance the huge MCM Teddy Bear and suit cases in Lee Yoon Sung’s (Lee Min Ho) room complimented his style. Since he was a rich balling bachelor he could afford something as goddy as a huge monogrammed bear!
(The bear in his bedroom was 10x as big as this.)
 I also thought it was great to have the female lead Kim NaNa (Park Min Young) always carrying a purse or bag which was of course always a MCM bag. 
Even the presents she got from men were MCM. Now that’s the kind of present I’m talking about!
Rain where you at?!

Even the City Hunter must dash around the city in style.
Most of his bags came from the exclusive MCM Heritage Collection.

And for extra eye candy check below 😉 Don’t ever say I never gave you anything. 🙂

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