2NE1 Loves Us

The Diva’s of 2NE1 definitely have something AMAZING up their sleeves. This week, short teasers have been released with the title “2NE1 LOVES” featuring each of the members in a solo video. The fashion showcased throughout each volume teaser is avant garde and futuristic.

The jewelry without a doubt is Chrome Hearts while the clothing has the aesthetic of Gareth Pugh. Roll back 2 years and you can see them rocking most of the items from his S/S 2011 Collection in their video “I Am the Best.”

Each teaser is sexy and full of energy as each ladies gives off a different vibe. Though, I do find it odd that these were released on VIMEO rather than Youtube. Not sure how that works into their marketing but I’m sure we’ll know soon.

Now let’s check out the teasers!~

CL is definitely too cool for school as she posed in a one shouldered peplum top, black liquid leggings and silver spiked shoulder pad accessory. I ADORE anything with spikes on it so my heart was definitely racing when I saw her in the outfit. Of course CL perfectly showcases her I’m the Baddest Chick in Korea swag to the tee. Oh Chaelin, you truly are great.

Next up is Miss Dara styling in a fringed top with awesome chained glove/hand accessories. She then adds a beautiful flowing black scarf to contrast with the edginess of the shoot. I love it Dara!

Volume 3 gives us sultry BOM looking like Athena, Goddess of War. Her belt was very Greek like and reminded me of Spartcus or the movie 300 while her headpiece was East Indian inspired. And her strapped knee high boots are to DIE for! Oh gosh, BOM and her shoe game, always on P O I N T.

Minzy gives us her signature sporty look along with a intimidating dagger in her hand for the last teaser. I could definitely see her as a lead video game character.(Minzy as Laura Croft anyone? :D) I do love how Minzy mixes sexiness with sporty. She always fully covered but gives off such a erotic aura with her vibe and dance. Here she rocks a spiked bra (I’ve seen in Japan a few times), a metallic biker jacket and a fierce naval hat.

Did you love these as much as I did? I hope so! NOW if we can just figure out WHAT these are for and WHEN 2NE1’s long anticipated comeback will be, the world will be content! Also this week YG released a teaser (I’m tired of them “teasing” us, aren’t you? Lol) photo asking us “Who’s Next?” along with many artist’s names from YG Ent.

Then the next day they re-released the photo with names taken away leaving only the ones we’ve been anticipating and inquiring about ALREADY. Sigh..Papa TrollG.

My fingers are crossed for Taeyang and 2NE1. More then anything I need a new Tae Tae album. I’ve been rocking to “Only Look at Me” and “I’ll be There” for too long. I need some new stuff Tae Tae. RIGHT NOW.

So let me know what you think about the teasers in the comments! Is this part of their comeback or another endorsement? Who are you most excited to see drop an album at YG? And what’s on May 28th?

Video credit: Vimeo.com

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