“Ugly” 2ne1 Style

The fierce four of 2ne1 are hitting us with another great song this summer. “Ugly” is all about accepting who you are no matter what the “mold” or “look” is society has for us. Feeling good in your own skin and knowing that you’re beautiful is the most important to being a happy and confident gal or guy. This track reminds me of American singer Christina Aguilera’s song “Beautiful”.

I really enjoy the rocker/alternative song and clothing style they chose for this. It shows that they aren’t afraid to experiment with different sounds. 
Below are screen caps I personally took from the video. Some of the pictures I really enjoy because I was able to capture the members in random graceful poses that was in contrast to the hardcore scenery and setting of the video. 
It’s so cute how Bom is always the only one with a dress on.

The legging and short combo CL is rocking has been a hot trend this summer.

The face mask is really huge in Korea. It’s mostly used for protecting against germs and gook outside but in the Korean Idol Industry it is always blinged out and extreme. OF COURSE The King of Pop Michael Jackson was the first one to make it a statement.

Like always Mimzy is rocking a tricked out jacket. For their next video I would really like her to switch it up some. I think they all should switch styles with each other. That would take everyone for a turn. If CL and Mimzy wore dresses it would be so cute.

Loving the black and yellow rasta braids!

This last one is AMAZING! Dara was so intense in this video and it really came across in the pictures. I’d have to say her’s would be my favorite of the bunch. The Bom ones were pretty striking too.
Great Job ladies!
Which shots were your favorites?

4 thoughts on ““Ugly” 2ne1 Style”

  1. WHAT PERFECT TIMING!!! OMG THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH! I HAVEN'T LISTENED TO THE SONG YET… but tomorrow I will… just knowing what it's about gets me excited. Love the fashion (ideas for shopping!) I am loving all of their looks.

  2. well just remember "you are beautiful inside and out no matter what anyone says!" 🙂 im happy this song is out there to to help and inspire everyone who is going through things in life. im also estatic about the fashion also. cant wait till i go to asia so i can find some of these things!

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