The Streets of Samcheok: Halloween In Korea

My academy here in Korea decided to celebrate the American tradition of Halloween this year. The kids totally loved it and some even had costumes, which surprised me. I wish I could take every Korean kid to America for Halloween so they could experience it. It’s so fun and as an American child it’s the one time of the year you can go to strangers house and get candy!

 A student named Chris’ costume. Having this over his head got him to shut up for once. lol

Doesn’t she just look so excited!!!! Emily who is the most non-nonchalant child I’ve ever ran across, warmed up to the party as soon as the face paint came out.

 The artsy flower I painted on her dainty face. 
 Everyone wanted me to paint them as a cat so I happily obliged since it was so easy to do. I was more interested in watching Kung Fu Panda in the other room.
 Two of the lovely teachers I work with.

Though Korea doesn’t celebrate Halloween one of the teachers was excellent at creating decorations for it. I call her the next Martha Steward.

They asked me what the origin of Halloween was. I busted out laughing because I had to no clue. I just know it’s time to get candy! I did here it originated as a pagan tradition. Heck I just want my candy!

One of my classes last week decided they wanted to share scary stories. They turned out the lights and one student volunteered to do a story. Unfortunetly it wasn’t scary and it sounded like he was reading a college dissertation. lol 

Extreme LOLZ at the toilet paper sitting right on the shelf. hahahahaaha
 They eat perisimmons and tangerines out here, rarely oranges. Korea also doesn’t really sell any Halloween candy so the kids had to make due with fruit, these grahram cracker things, and a few bite sized Snickers. But they don’t know any different. If these were American children they’d have a problem!

The next Martha Steward here who drew an amazing bat on her hand with kiddie paint! Made my sunflower look like booboo!

More cat faces for the ladies! As you all can see, the peace sign is the unofficial pose for Korea.
 They loved messing with that ghost hanging on the wall. When you clap your hands it screamed for like 10 minutes.

I think the Scream mask was the only costume sold out here.

 Cool glasses huh? And I painted blood on his face!

The lovely ladies Emma and Carly.

She repainted her hand about 15 times.

Scream getting a drink of water.

Rachel as Hello Kitty!

John and David.
The screaming ghost that wouldn’t shut up.

Rebecca as a cat.
I had so much fun with the kids and am happy they got to experience Halloween! Now someone send me some AMERICAN CANDY NOW PLEASE! Ahh I REALLY need some. lol

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