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Japanese fashion and music is free and inhibited. Everyday people and musical artists can be whatever they choose to without public scrutiny. No one compares one with another and everyone gets the respect and credibility they deserve. Music wise, one thing I despise is when a Western artist comes out and does something weird, then everyone thinks it’s something new. Haha, no. Many artist get their inspiration from Japan. There’s a reason why their economy is 10 years ahead of many countries and innovation is number one. The fashion is unfathomable and in my opinion the ABSOLUTE best in the world.
I’ve been a fan of Japanese music and fashion for years but not until college did I realize it’s where I needed to be! Fortunately Korea is only 2 hours away so purchasing my favorite Japanese CD’s are a breeze. I’m really estatic because for my summer vacation in August,
 I AM GOING TO JAPAN! Whoo, baby! Talk about a dream come true. Many people have told me that after I go I won’t want to come back to Korea, but I’ll have to decide that one for myself. πŸ˜‰ (I might despise and complain about J Fans buying up all the dang Kpop tickets but nonetheless I LOVE Japan.)
I’ve been discovering so many new artists lately that I feel I MUST share. The music is EXTREMELY different and out there which makes it even more awesome. Most of my readers probably are already fans of many of these artists, so it might be a review for some but an introduction for others.
Every week I will introduce some of my FAVORITE Japanese artists. I will say though, I only listen to non-pop music such as Visual Kei, JRock or classical Japanese. Kpop definitely has the strongest Pop market right now and will for a while. But when I get tired of hearing boy bands (I never get tired of hearing Rain though Lol) I turn on some Miyavi “Torture” from the “What’s My Name” album and rock out.
Miyavi is my ABSOLUTE favorite Japanese artist. He is even SECOND TO RAIN! Can ya’ll believe that? Lol. I always end up liking 30 year old male singers. I don’t understand why….;)
The video teaser below is from his upcoming album featuring various artists and includes remakes of some of his best hits. He is literally THE GOD OF GUITAR.

D-ζ‘œθŠ±ε’²γγγ‚γ«γ‘γ‚ŠD Ouka Saki Some ni Keri

D – Der KΓΆnig der Dunkelheit

An Cafe – Natsu Koi Natsu Game

My favorite Halogram!!! Hatsune Miku singing Electric Angel

Last but not least I can NOT forget the amazing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with her newest single Candy Candy.

Hope you all enjoyed and discovered a new favorite artist!

2 thoughts on “Japanese Music You MUST Know About”

  1. I see many great Japanese artists there! Miyavi is my number one Jrock artist, too! ^^ I've been in his gigs three times and he's GREAT every time!
    An Cafe I've seen once… They're hilarious! And coming back with new music soon! πŸ˜‰
    I'm glad to see another fan of Jrock who enjoys Kpop too! πŸ˜€

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