Wow, talk about Big Bang taking music and fashion further than anyone in the last 5 years! I prefer their avant garde clothing to any other artist, western or Asian. How a song and music video can fuse together so perfectly, only Big Bang can master. The name is MONSTER.

I don’t know how my reaction video got so long but when I start to talk I can’t stop!
Basic Points:
  • The video starts out like the video game Doom
  • The cinematography reminds me of Sin City
  • Taeyang’s ram hair style looks like Big Worm from the movie Friday
  • How can TOP have so much swag in such a dire environment
  • Monster references I saw, Hellboy, Edward Scissorhands, Ghost Rider
  • The number on their chests reminded me of Justin T’s movie Out of Time
  • I MUST have Taeyang’s diamond encrusted ram necklace and Daesung’s horn nose ring!

T.O.P looking so swaggalicious!

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