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BM, also known as Big Matthew from Kard, embarked on his first solo concert tour this year, hitting six states along the way. After much deliberation on which city to attend, I chose Chicago upon hearing he’d be at a select few concert after-parties, including Chicago.

I’ve been a fan of BM ever since I first saw him as the main dancer in Goo Hara’s “Choco Chip Cookie” music video back in 2015. Watching this tall, broad man dance with such passion, I was instantly captivated. Not long after, he debuted with Kard, and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since.

I’ve seen Kard perform twice before, once in Chicago and once in Dallas, and both times were unforgettable. Their catchy, upbeat songs always lift my spirits.

For this show, I bought a VIP2 ticket and a GA pass for the after-party. The lineup was a bit chaotic, but I arrived just after 5 PM due to a lengthy car rental wait and the notorious Chicago traffic. Speaking of which, I despise Chicago traffic—it always triggers my anxiety. Back when I lived there, I used to listen to opera to calm my nerves during the stressful commute from the suburbs to Hyde Park in South Chicago. It was a nightmare.

Thankfully, I arrived just in time before they let us in. As the floor filled up quickly, I decided to find a seat on the balcony to enjoy the show from a comfortable vantage point.

As for my outfit, I originally planned to wear a dress inspired by a TikTok video, but I didn’t have the right undergarments. Instead, I opted for a form-fitting black mini dress with bolero cut-out sleeves. Quite a sexy look, if I do say so myself.

The opening acts were incredible and honestly put on some of the best performances I’ve seen at a concert. Uzuhan, an LA-based performer, captivated the audience with his well-crafted songs and entertaining videos.

Next up was Sunk7s, a new name to me, though he apparently has a viral TikTok song that many K-pop artists have danced to. It made me feel a bit out of the loop, despite my efforts to stay updated on social media and pop culture.

Once they finished, BM took the stage and delivered hit after hit, complete with grinding and twerking, bringing his TikTok videos to life. Since it was a no-phone show, he seemed even more energized, making innuendos that had my 35-year-old self blushing. I loved every moment of it!

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The twerk contest, featuring three contestants battling for the title of Chicago Twerk Master, drew the loudest cheers from the crowd.

There was also a segment where a fan got to go on stage for a personal lap dance. I couldn’t help but wish I was the one in that chair, but alas, such luck isn’t mine. Inserts “I see how you bless others, Lord” meme

Toward the end of the show, BM switched gears to showcase his softer, more emo “Matthew side” with songs like “Lie” and “Broken.” I personally enjoy his rock vibe and hope he explores it more in the future—maybe some 2000s-inspired rock with a touch of trendy New Jeans and Afro beats.

Of course, the show had to end, but like all K-pop concerts, there was an encore! He let us choose the encore song, though I was hoping for “Strangers,” one of my favorites. But we can’t always get what we want, can we?

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A few hours later, the after-party kicked off. Despite arriving late due to Chicago traffic, I only waited about ten minutes to get in. The line wrapped around the corner, but the venue was surprisingly spacious.

While waiting an hour in line for a drink, BM arrived and kept the party going from the balcony. Despite my aching feet, his interactions with the crowd and the DJ’s choice of songs, including “Fantastic Baby” and “Bang Bang Bang,” kept the mood lively. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people knew those tracks.

After about an hour in my cute clear heels, I decided to call it a night. I was solo at this concert and didn’t connect with anyone to hang out with, so I headed home to repack for my New Orleans trip the next day. As BM rapped in ATAP, “Told her I only got a couple hours before I fly out…..LAX in 45 if I wanna fly out.” We jet-setters gotta keep moving.

Thank you, BM, for an amazing show! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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