5 thoughts on “VIXX Fan Signing (Fan Account)”

  1. April!!! This was so nice and I'm burning with jealousy but since it's you I'll let it slide lol. This account was so interesting to read and you've really given me a closer insight as to what the boys are like :). What was it like being the only foreigner there? Did you understand everything?

  2. Haha Thanks for letting me slide 😉
    Being the only foreigner there was okay. I mean at first I didn't know what to expect like would the korean girls look at me weird like why was I there are would I be singled out to say/do something because I was foreigner. But none of that happened. I was treated like a regular fan and VIXX used English when talking to me 😉
    Umm I understood SOME things lol When people talk in full sentences in Korean, it can be difficult to hear each word because people talk fast. Lol. I understood the lady giving us directions on what to do before the event and some of VIXX's interaction with each other but other than that I just sat there laughing and sighing on cue lol.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Great recap! I haven't really listened to VIXX but I will check them out! There are so many new groups debuting these days, I can't keep up with who is who! These guys do seem pretty cool though. I saw a clip of them with Lee Joon and then the one with MBLAQ and they were super cute! Great post! ^_^ –Ciara

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