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Accessorizing your phone is always of utmost importance for a fashionista. From various hanging charms, a personalized photo of your handsome bias or that great DIY you saw on YouTube, cell phone cases tell the world who you are.

This was one of the reasons I was so excited to contribute to EzBuysDirect.com‘s newest project “Beautify Your Phone.” They’re an online retailer specializing in smartphone accessories and since I’m a Samsung girl I was glad to hop aboard!

My mission was to create a collage using my favorite phone case as the center of my style to accessorize and complete a look.

EzBuysDirect Beautify Your Phone

I call it Sporty Chic which describes my style to a T. Now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I overwhelmingly prefer comfort over anything else but still want to express my quirky, playful personality.

So to show that I chose EZBuysdirect’s Black Leather Purse case. I love the sleek quilted Chanel-esqe case and the awesome hanging chain which allows you to carry it as a purse!

Now to create the Sporty part of the outfit, I chose a cute black logo jogger pant (comfy and cute) and added the Chic component by using a baby pink cropped sweater to counter the sporty sweatpants.

Boohoo red shirt

DKNY activewear pants

To give height (because I always need a bit of a lift) I chose platform boots because they’re more comfortable than heels but offset the laidback vibe of sweatpants. To add more girlyness I included a 50’s style black headband, a pink pearl necklace a gold charm bracelet and watch.

Platform shoes

DaVonna pearl jewelry

Stretch bracelet

Burberry gold jewelry
$3,275 – johnlewis.com

Black headband

For makeup, a cool baby pink lipstick and a splash of blue glitter nail polish to break up the pink.

Lips makeup

And that’s how I Beautify My Phone!
How’d you like my sporty chic look?
Let me know what’s your style in the comments!
Don’t forget to visit Ezbuysdirect.com!

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