Weekly RoundUp #1

Missed that great post on k fashion last week? Forget to check on that link about Nick Cannon’s new Kpop TV show I posted on Facebook? Well fret no more!
Every week I’ll posting a weekly round up to get everyone up to date on what’s going on at the pinkfashionninja!

On the PFN blog,

Over at Aewen Radio,

  • I interviewed the lovely ladies of 2MinJinkJongKey for a Halloween Special…..
  • and next week (Nov 19th) I’ll be interviewing Kpop dance cover group GPKPOP.
  • Last but not least, see if your question got answered by Topp Dogg! Don’t forget to subscribe to Aewen Radio on YouTube!
On Social media,
And that’s it! 
Share some of your favorite things from around the web in the comments!

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