Betsey Johnson Trunk Show

Sorry for the blurred picture, a drunk girl took it for us. 😀

The BJ Trunk Show was a great place to attend and network. I was happy my eccletic outfit was loved by so many! I feel we BJ consumers are like-minded in the fashion arena. 😉
While there I hung out with some buddies from school, Britney and Courtney (pictured above) their outfits are super cute and we made the best of our time! My fabulous youthful looking mom is the one in the floral jumpsuit.
I opted for a white and black large polka dotted cotton Express dress. And yes,  I do have black lipstick on. It’s daring and you won’t see anyone wearing it other than me! (except for some gothic kids.) I also had on stripped lace black tights with black and white flower printed platform heels from Forever 21.

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