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Calling all Kamilias! Kara is back with a new music video! But I feel like telling you this is irrelevant. Mainly because either A) You’re a Kamilia and you know this or B) You don’t care/aren’t that big of a fan of Kara. It doesn’t matter if you like Kara or you don’t you have to admit that Kara’s fashion in Mamma Mia is awesome.
This is Kara’s first time having,new member Youngji in their video. Let me say that I’m neither a fan, nor a non fan of Kara. I know a few of their songs and like them. That being said I don’t know much about Kara besides that, two members left due to contracts finishing up and they found a new member because of the Kara Project.
Not gonna lie here but I find it cool that Kara continues to push on even though members left. Some groups would have fallen apart but Kara was like “Lets keep going”. And I’m glad they did, because I love this song.
They’re back and ready to kick some butt in the Kpop Fashion MV world. One thing that I really want to highlight about this video is that most of the clothing in it,is normal. As in there is very few one of a kind pieces in it that are impossible to find or things inspired/similar to it. Plus most of the stuff in it is wearable on a daily. I could (if I could afford it) strut down the street looking like a Kara member.
Okay maybe not to that extreme as there are quite a lot of differences between me Kara but you guys get the picture. So let me tell you about the amazing fashion and give you the scoop on where you can find clothing that makes everyone go “Mamma Mia!”
One of the dance sections of this music video involved having each member wear high waisted black shorts, and a black crop top styled to each girl’s fashion sense. Each member is equipped with black platform heels and fingerless gloves to go with their outfit. Now I’m not sure if this was done on purpose but this styling of the black top and shorts really emphasize how slim and long the Kara members are; they appear to be of model height. Their proportions look unrealistic (in a good way).

Crop Tops:
Saved By The Bell Sleeve Cropped Top – It’s a lot more flowy than the ones Kara were wearing
Perforated Platform Boots– for those skilled in heels
Combat Boots – For girls like me who can’t walk in heels like a normal person
This whole monochrome color scheme stays much the same through their dance scene, except it switches back and forth. What I mean by this is, that Kara wear white instead of black and the dancers wear black instead of white. The pieces remain the same except Kara trades in their shorts for jeans and their dark shoes for white ones.
Crop Tops:

The solo scenes featuring Kara were a lot softer and brighter in comparison to the dance scenes. These scenes held a mix of fashions and styles. One of them was white and lacy, pastel blue (periwinkle) and cute, one elegant look with vibrant colors and the last was a very fun,bright style with neon colors. And even though they sported a lot of looks I want to bring you guys the ones that really stood out for me. Those looks in question are the elegant one and the ethereal white look. The reason they stood out was because of the way it was shot in the video. The scenes featuring these outfits were shot like something out of a fairytale. Its was always soft lighting, minimal movements and a kind of relaxed essence about these scenes that created an almost dream vibe to it.
White Clothing (any of these pieces combined would look super cute)
The second look was the solo scenes where Kara were wearing beautiful gowns. I would really like to tell you guys where you can get those insanely beautiful (and most likely very expensive) dresses from, but I don’t know. Honestly, I can’t tell you where to buy the exact dresses from or who would even sell them (where does one find runway-esque dresses from anyway?). So I did the next best thing and found dresses that look inspired by the dresses Kara wore.

I like these two dresses simply because they mimic two really important parts of Gyuri’s dress. The fluffed out ruffly skirt and the long red sleeves.

Youngji’s dress was a beautiful shade of pink that clung to her and then flared our in the mermaid style. I thought is was beautiful and so elegant and feminine!

Hara’s dress was beautiful and almost like something out of a manga (like a dress from perhaps Jellyfish Princess). It was really poufy and delicately colored. Unfortunately White and Yellow Dresses aren’t all the rage so in order to qualm this need I found cute skirts and pieces in order compensate for the world’s lack of yellow and white dresses (designers get on this stat! I’m gonna need about five dresses like Hara’s and fast).
Low Cut Peplum Tube Top – Flowy clothing like this should be paired with something tight like the above pencil skirt
Fuzzy White Skirt– It’s got the fluff and texture of a ruffled dress
Seungyeon’s dress was definitely a princess’ dress. The way she was situated in the music video was nothing short of Disney Magic. The soft light illuminated her pale peach-gold dress making the entire scene look like a painting. I cannot explain my love for this dress!
Knee Length Sleeveless Gold Dress -This dress has just enough cuteness and glitz to be considered princess worthy
Little Mistress Bandeau Embellished Prom Dress– Do not fear the prom dress! It’s actually a cute dress that would work for everyday wear, imho.
Last thing I wanted to talk about with this MV is how beautiful all the girls looked. I have no idea who styled this but honestly this is one of the best styled MVs I have ever seen. Honestly from the lenses to the makeup to the usage of accessories, the overall look appeared to be well balanced and professional. They looked like they were styled for a high fashion magazine in terms of how cohesive everything was. I can’t even fathom how flawless and brilliant the stylist (s) of this MV are.
Guys if you aren’t feeling Kara by the end of this post then at least let us part in the mutual understanding and agreement that these girl killed their music video. Personally this has got me excited to see more of Kara (and their fashion) and I sincerely hope that Kara succeeds with they’re comeback!
How do you all feel about Kara’s MV? Are there any pieces that simply scream out to you? If so then let me know!
Yours Only by Night,
Author Bio:
By Day Zaire is a home-schooled high school student but By Night she’s Nyxie, a (not-so) magical girl and beauty/fashion blogger taking her duty as a beauty-fashion bringer of justice very seriously. As she deals with the blows of life she’s glad that she’s equipped with her trusty eyeliner and handy dandy lip gloss. Nothing can stop this By Nyght blogger from taking on the world one step at a time.

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