Korea’s Next Top Model Guys Vs Girls Ep 8 Recap

First Challenge
The models first challenge was titled Role Change. The conditions were to put together a sexy photo shoot for comedian An Young Mi (funny biker chick in GD’s “Michigo” video.) They were split up into 2 teams and given 3 hours and $500 to find her a complete look. They also had to personally style her and direct the shoot.

Being the gag woman she is, Young Mi had the set filled with laughter.

Team B: Seung Su, Ki Bbeum, Min Jung

Team A: Jung Jin, Ji Un, Yong Soo, Chul Woo

Winning Team
Team A won the challenge. Young Mi liked their sexy all black suit and jacket concept the best and thought they worked well as a team along with assisting with her needs. Their prizes were sunglasses from a famous French brand and a full course dinner at a steak house.

Main Challenge
Today’s main challenge was about posing with famous Disney characters. Famous Korean stylist Jung Yoon Ki is currently doing a collaboration with Disney so to celebrate that, the models had to pose and bring the characters to life.

Character Model Groupings
Gingerbread (Gingy) – Min Jung
Alex – Ki Bbeum
Alex – Seung Su
Donkey – Yong Soo
Shrek – Jung Jin
Shrek – Ji Un

1 Winner
This episodes winner was Min Jung!! It was her first time winning so she was pretty elated. The judges felt her photo was the most high fashion.

Runner Up – Chul Woo

2nd Runner Up – Ji Un

1 Model Cut
Today was Jung Jin’s last day. The judges felt he lacked direction and that it was time for him to say goodbye. It came down to him and Yong Soo but Yong Soo was given YET another chance to prove himself. Though there was a large age gap, the two were great friends and were always hilariously paired together. But Yong Soo felt unfortunate that Jung Jin was leaving.

Other models photos.


My two cents…..
Really? I can’t believe Yong Soo was given yet ANOTHER chance! He’s been in the bottom two 4 times! Though he shows no improvement they still give him chance after chance just because he’s handsome. I honestly can’t believe it. But i will say episode 6 he did really well but other than that he continually falls flat. I think Ta Un should have stayed and Yong Soo should have been sent home last week. I regards to Jung Jin I was definitely rooting for him in the beginning bet he never seemed to progress and grow as a model so I feel him being cut today is fitting. I still hope to see him in magazines soon!

And then there were 6.

Do you agree with Jung Jin being cut? 
Let me know in the comments!

Watch episode 8 here.

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