5 Black Creators & Businesses To Support

This Black History Month I wanted to highlight some of my favorite black creators. Each and every one of them are about uplifting anime, gaming and or Kpop centered POC voices. These ladies are friends/supporters in real life and online so I’m so excited to show MY support to these amazing creatives!

Please click the links below to follow and support these women. And if YOU have a favorite Black Creator be sure to add their name and links in the comments!

1. Joynfinity

Joy is literally one of the most awesome people alive: she’s a Streamer, Gamer, Content Creator AND Podcaster – as well as my friend! 🙂 Her brand, JOYNFINITY features weekly Twitch streams, fun branded merchandise as well as her role-playing podcast The Joynfinity Podcast. This year she also became an official gaming partner of HyperX so she is definitely someone to pay attention to. She’s one of the best Gamers out there so she deserves all the support and praise.

Support her HyperX Gaming Partnership / Twitch Channel: Joynfinity

Instagram @Joynfinity / Merchandise on Teespring

The Joynfinity Podcast  / Blerd Domination Code: JOYNFINITY

*I’m rocking the Oddles of Joy sweatshirt in a medium available at her website!

2. Divas on a dime

Divas on a Dime are a sister cosplaying duo that are all about supporting the POC cosplaying community. These ladies can do it all – not only do they slay general cosplay – they create their own characters.  They host weekly and monthly Instagrams lives like A Nerd Was Born, story times and karaokes. Their brand Eclectic Eccentrics features an array of merchandise for anime lovers and stickers of their cute dog Gizmo.

Instagram: divas_on_a_dime / Eclectic Eccentrics on Teespring

*I’m rocking their pink Sisters Power Tee in a large. Click the link to grab yours!

3. Pennydoth Studio

Dawn is a professional 2D character designer and illustrator for animation. With her brand Pennydoth Studios she’s released a free 24-page guide for budgeting artists as well as an Etsy page that sells natural hair style brushes for Procreate and many other downloadable prints. She’s also created a Scorpio inspired character for me that has been one of my favorite wall pieces! 

Website: Pennydoth.com / IG: @pennydoth 

Ebook: Hiring Visual Storytellers: A Guide for Budgeting Artists / Pennydoth Studios Etsy Page

4. That Otaku Fefe

Fefe is a creative cosplayer that frequently collaborates with other cosplayers to create fun looks like her My Little Pony collab with Divas on a Dime. I also recently joined in on a Spice Girls collab with the aforementioned ladies as well as cosplayer Nerd of Drea. 

IG: @thatotakufefe

5. Aishify

Ada and Uche are co-owners of Aishify, a vegan & handmade company that creates anime inspired scents like The Chibi Collection and The Magical Girl Line body oils as well as sweatshirts and more.  Keep up to date with all of their creative work by following them on Instagram!

Website: Aishify.com / IG: @aishify

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