10 Year Blogiversary

Back in Feb 2011 this blog started out as The Pink Fashion Ninja.com (and I the Pink Fashion Ninja :D) where I shared my favorite fashion pieces in college. It quickly transformed into a Hallyu oasis reviewing the coolest fashion from 2nd Gen Kpop artists and actors. 

The Pink Fashion Ninja was also a way for me to share my experience of moving to South Korea for the first time. I moved right after college at the young age of 22 and experienced so much of my life there – in which so many of you experienced with me through every YouTube video and blog post. 

Unfortunately throughout the last 5 years I’ve only blogged every so often and pretty much stopped YouTube due to life but I always had a yearning to be able to give the love I used to give this blog.

Fast forward to today and I’ve rebranded as Sweet x Aesthetic by April Jay. I’m now at a time in my life where I can work full time on my blog, social media and Etsy shop. My creativity has returned after being stagnant for so many years so I’m so excited to share all I have in store. 

I also created a 30 Day Content Challenge that starts next week so if you’d like to stay up to date on all things April Jay / Sweet x Aesthetic, SUBSCRIBE by email on the side bar or follow me on any of my social medias. 

YouTube: April Jay
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I’d love to know when you first started following Sweet x Aesthetic/Pink Fashion Ninja? 

Let me know in the comments or by email at shopcontact.sxa@gmail.com. <3

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