5 Iconic SHINee Looks To Reminisce on While Enjoying Their New Comeback

The men of SHINee have returned with their new album & single Don’t Call Me. With Taemin wrapping us solo activities and Key, Onew and Minho recently finishing their military service, the group quickly banded together to create their next iconic comeback. Don’t Call Me serves a streetwear look we haven’t seen from the guys in a while to go with the hip-hop based dance song. Since this comeback is all about not defining SHINee with one painted brush I wanted to reminisce on their myriad, iconic, non-defining looks they’ve served us over the past decade. 

What are your favorite iconic SHINee looks? Let me know in the comments!

1. 1 of 1 *with a special shout out to the Prism stage look

90’s New Jack Swing, how can it not be great?

2. View

Fun, refreshing….such a laid back look

3. Everybody    

Everyone at attention…

4. Lucifer

Iconic looks…iconic Taemin hair…iconic Jonghyun’s bare back….

5. Your Number

Dapper dons…

Honorable mention

Love Like Oxygen

Love so young and true….

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