Style Showoff: Taeyang VS Heechul

The Kings of Kpop are bringing out the guns this fall.

Seems both Taeyang and Heechul’s coordinoona’s were eyeing the same J.W. Anderson Tubular Bib Knit Top. Retailing at a steep $1,454, the boys knew they had to bring the fierceness. 
Taeyang rocked the primary colored top with red leather pants in the August issue of 1st Look magazine. Gazing off into the moonlight, Taeyang’s sexy aura (and body) give the knit top a whole new look. Heechul recently wore it for Super Junior’s long awaited comeback “Mamacita.” Each member’s teaser photos showed their personal style with Heechul tilting his brimmed hat staring into the eyes of fan girls worldwide. He also opted to wear a blue and white striped button up underneath. 
So here’s the question?
Who wore it better?

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Who Wore It Better?

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