KNTM C5 Guys Vs Girls Recap: Ep 3

Recap of Episode 3
[도수코GUYS&GIRLS] 3회
Makeover Time and a MV!!!

We get started with the models receiving their long awaited makeovers. 
Let’s take a look!

Kim Jong Hoon
My Top Pick #1
First off this man is fine. He has sex appeal for days and seems to have a fun personality. I will cry the day Jong Hoon is gone because I won’t be able to see his fine face anymore. But anywho he received a dyed two block cut that brought out his inner sexy. Love it!
Bang Tae Un 
My Top Pick #2
Definitely one to look out for. He’s been consistent since the show’s started and is likely to make Top 5. (Honestly I think he’ll win.) Also really love his new side shaved hair. He’s a lot more polished and sexier! ME likey!
Choi Jung Jin
My Top Pick #3
He’s 29 but looks like he’s only 19! Some people are seriously ageless. I’m really rooting for him since age is such a crippling factor in Korea. They basically think he’s “too old to be a model” but he’s proving them wrong every episode. I also love this guy because of his laid back personality. He also loved his new unbalanced regent cut so he’s ready for the world!
Han Ji An
I don’t particularly care for Ji An because she’s whiny and doesn’t feel grateful for being chosen for the show. Though she progressed well this episode, she consistently complains. She’s also been in the bottom two twice so she should be walking on egg shells instead of crying to Yoon Ju about her hair style. I would like to seem more humility and drive from her thus forward.

Han Seung Soo
My Top Pick #4
The other models teased his new Army inspired extreme tonsured hair but I like it! It took him some getting used to but after taking some photos he got the hang of his newfound sexiness. Seung Soo is very dedicated and I can’t wait to see what he has in store.
Hwang Ki Bbeum
My Top Pick #5
Is she Fei of Miss A’s doppelganger? Homegirl looks like her twin! Crazy! Anywho Ki Bbeum is gorgeous, hardworking and possesses the natural talent for modeling. I hope she makes Top 3 because she deserves it! Her dyed and long layered hair gives her face a sexy regal look to take her to the next level.

Hyun Ji Un
Ji Un seems to be a lot quieter than the other models. For me she doesn’t stand out but she’s never been in the bottom 2 so she’s consistent with her photos. Her new unbalanced bob hair fits her great also.

Jung Dong Gyu
Dong Hyu has a boyish charm to him. I could definitely see him in a Kpop group.Also in my opinion, he’d bring something new to the modeling industry because of his unique look. I really think he could do well in the West. 
Jung Yong Soo
Another model I’m not a fan of. He has a flat personally and never conveys emotions in his photos. The judges also agree as they have confronted him about those same issues stated above. This might be mean but I hope he gets cut soon. ^^ (Sorry not sorry.) His new two block dandy cut is similar to his regular style but shapes his face better.

Kim Min Jung 
My Top Pick #6
Min Jung’s only 17 but is killing the competition! She has a great body and literally was born to be a model. Her personality is great and she’s such a fresh face. The fringe bang pageboy look makes he look more mature and even more model like. I hope she makes top 5!
Kim Seung Hee
Not a fan of Seung Hee but her two toned dyed hair is amazing!

Kim Yae Lim
The judges seem to really like Yae Lim and feel she processes a model aura. In my opinion she doesn’t stand out and is shadowed by the strong personality’s of the other models. It’ll be interesting to see her progression through the show.
Shin Jae hyuk
We’ve found Xia Junsu’s long lost brother! Other than that I dislike Jae Suk. He literally have one expression on his face at all times and is always ragging on the other male models. He doesn’t hide his envy which is fine but instead of allowing it to fuel his energy, he falls flat every photo shoot.

Lee Chul Woo
My Top Choice $7
Chul Woo has got it going on! The blond sweep gives him a Kpop look which contestant Ji Un said he looked like Kai of EXO! He gives off so much energy and passion that I can’t wait to see what heights modeling takes him.


The men contestants were also treated to a WAXING! Oh yeah~

And of course everyone’s not going to like their new look. Ji An was heard wailing through the house because of her new hairstyle. Mainly because her frizzy hair made her look like a “beggar.” During cuts, she complained to the judges about her new style to which Yoon Ju replied “What are we to do?” Personally I can understand having hair problems because I’ve always had a lot of hair but she needs to stop complaining and be grateful she’s made it thus far! She was almost gone the first week so she should count her blessing and work her ass off to make it far! Forget the frizzy hair and try TO BECOME KOREA’S NEXT TOP MODEL DANG IT!
Main Challenge
For this episode’s challenge, the contestants had to film for rapper Beenzino’s new video “How Do I Look?”

They were teamed up as follows.
Ji Un & Tae Un – Couple

Chul Woo & Jae Hyuk – Gay Couple

Jong Hoon – Drunken Gentleman

Ki Bbeum – Sexy Girl

Min Jung & Yae Lim – American Casual Style Girls

Seung Hee, Dong Gyu & Jung Jin – Street Style

Ji An, Yong Soo & Seung Soo – Gangsters
Seung Soo
The winner came out to be handsome Seung Soo for his great and charismatic acting which made the judges choose him as #1.

(Far Right)

Runner up
Chul Woo
(He was so hilarious in this!)
The judges felt he really shined bright and brought out his character to the fullest.

3rd Runner Up 
Tae Un
Bringing the sexy!


1 Model Cut
Yong Soo and Dong Gyu were bottom two.
In the end cutie Dong Gyu was sent home due to the judges feeling him only being able to convey a single cute friendly image instead of being versatile. Yong Soo was saved but was told this was his last chance and that he needs to show talent and shouldn’t just get by depending on his looks only.
And then there were 13.

Watch Episode 3 Here

Whose makeover did you like best?

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