Guest Blogger Month 2014

Hello everyone!
Do you love Asian culture? Are you interested in blogging? Would you like to be a part of the Pink Fashion Ninja brand? Then this post is for you!

September and October will be Guest Blogger Month for the PFN so if you’re interested in writing about your love of Kpop or fashion then send me your writing samples!
Who Can Apply
A lover of Kpop/Japanese fashion/music and/or any related industry’s.
Someone with a passion and/or interest in writing.
Kpop/fashion bloggers are also welcomed!

Post Topic Ideas:
Recommended Products
Life (teaching, studying or living) in (Korea/Japan/Thailand etc)

How To Apply
Email me ( an example article or snippet of what you’d like to write.

Links to your blog and or social media within your submitted blog post is encouraged! Or write a short blub about yourself before or at the end of the post.

Submit your articles now through October 25.
Can’t wait to share your posts!

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