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First up for Guest Blogger Month is writer Avil Taylor of the UK giving you a tour of The Land of the Morning Calm.

Attractions Of Korea

Information: the Korean peninsula is a vast land of distinct
geographical and historical features located in the North-East Asia.
The region is bordered by rivers Yalu and Tumnen at the North Western
and North Eastern boarders respectively. The Peninsula covers an
approximate length of 612 miles, with the narrowest stretch spurning
a length of 105 miles. The region is closely bordered by the nations
of China and Russia, and notable Islands such as Dokdo, Jejudo and
Ulleungdo. Currently, the peninsula is separated into the two nations
of North Korea and South Korea, the latter providing a key
international hub and tourist destination in Asia.

the south and North Korean countries have distinct political, social
and economic aspirations, the two regions are united by the least
expected feature, the weapon free Demilitarized zone. Indeed, this
section established to control warfare between the two antagonistic
countries is a great tourist attraction, only found in Korea.

DMZ is 4km wide and 241km long, and is the best way of learning the
level of rivalry between the two nations. The zone also gives an
ideal view of both the North and South Korea, and has blue UN
buildings used for brainstorming meetings.
tourists get a chance to see the Bridge of No Return at which
prisoner exchanges are carried out surprisingly, there is a town
(Daeseong-dong) along the border of South Korea, a great hope that
unity and peace will eventually prevail among the two nations. The
DMZ also provides view of wildlife since vast section of the region
has evolved into a game reserve.

Geographical Features

Korea is blessed with attractive geographical features. The region is
bordered with islands and the nations of Russia and China, all of
which are of great tourist interests. Moreover, the unique landscape
of Namhae, with beautiful coastal landscape is ideal for
international visits.

The region also boasts the international city of Seoul with global competitiveness. The city’s ability to successfully host international tournament in addition to its vast infrastructures including the sports stadiam, such as the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium, are of great attraction. Seoul also has offbeat museums such as the lock museum, the museum of chicken art, the tax museum, the education museum and the owl museum. Seoul also has special features such as the Deoksugung palace, Jongmyo shrine, and the unique lnsa-dong shopping street and Seoul towers among others.

Culture and Social Perspectives

The Korean people have some of the best celebrated cultures in the world. A visit to Korea enables one to experience the Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok), a day that promotes family unity. Tourists also get an insight into the Korean Tea Culture in Hadong and Boseong. Moreover, cultural performances by the social Korean people in the millennium-old Kingdom of Baekjae provide an ideal cultural journey. 

To visit Korea and experience the unique cultural, geographical and political experience, one needs to possess a valid passport. One must as well apply for visa from a nearby Korean embassy. Upon issuance of the visa, one can go ahead and organize for accommodation and tour-guidance services from ideal firms.



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