Korea’s Next Top Model C5 Guys Vs Girls Ep 4 Recap

도수코리아 GUYS&GIRLS 4회 Recap

The models started out the day practicing walking with Ki Bbeum having trouble keeping her legs straight while Seung Hee got scolded for not taking walking seriously.

First Challenge

Today’s first challenge was all about their past. The models had to choose between 3 songs to talk about their life stories. The stars of Broadway hit Hedwig showed off their moves and talked to the models. 

So the models quickly got to work on their songs.

When Hyu Yun came around to talk with the models, Jong Hoon expressed about his Noona ex-girlfriend! Hyu Yun then explained to Joon Hoon that’s the reason he’s so uptight and asked him to practice speaking informally to her. She then teased and asked him if he had eaten to which he said “Noona, will you buy it for me?” which made Hyu Yun curse and blush. (Apparently since he’s dated an older woman they feel he’s only been around older people which has made him uptight. Because of that they want him to loosen up a bit.)

As each model went up they expressed their inner most thoughts. Ki Bbeum talked about how she’s never struggled but since coming on KNTM she’s went through challenges. Also Ta Eun expressed his struggles after moving to Seoul to pursue modeling with little to no money. Cutie Min Jung spoke about accepting herself and being comfortable in her own skin.
After it was completed the judges chose Ki Bbeum as the winner because of her story and strong stage presence. Her prize was two tickets to Hedwik, two chances to photograph for the next challenge a $3,000 watch to which she could choose a male model to share it with (Yong Soo.)

Main Challenge Mission
For today’s shoot the challenge was “Genderless Photo Shoot” with the male models dressing as women and vice versa, being ambiguous as possible.
Chul Woo for his ability to convey the androgyny of the shoot.

Runner Up Ki Bbeum – 2nd Runner up Tae Un
The judges believed Ki Bbeum possesses all the elements of a model and that Tae Un did a great job with the shoot. The were the best couple during this challenge.

1 Model Cut
Between Ji An and Jae Hyuk, the latter was cut due to his inability to convey emotion and lack of understanding of the shoot.

And then there were 12.

How’d you like Episode 4?

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