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Hey Everyone.
I thought of doing some Kpop tag posts as there are many throughout Tumblr and the blog-sphere. I’ll be doing some every week along with creating my own about KPop Fashion. Not sure what’ll entail yet but when it’s finished I know it’ll be great. (Maybe. Lol.)

Don’t forget to let me know your answers to this tag in the comments!
This tag comes from I chose this 25 Q tag because I liked the broad range of funny questions. So let’s begin!
01. Who was the first Korean Band you heard?
TVXQ. I ran into their performance of “Wrong Number” at the MKMF while searching for Rain videos on Youtube.
02. Who’s the most recent Korean Band you’ve heard?
Tiny G. I LOVE their fashion and new song. I hope they continue to put good music out and not fall by the girl group wayside. I even ordered a signed copy of their new CD (that only has one song on it. Grr!)

03. Who’s your favorite Korean Band?
Big Bang and 2NE1.
04. Name 6 other Bands you Like:
How about solo artists too? Okay then, Seo In Young, VIXX, JYJ, Rain, 2PM and Narsha.
05. Are you a fangirl/boy?
A Fan Girl WHEN I’m at a concert or am watching the release of a midnight video. Other than that I’m chill……
06. If yes, of Who?
Rain, Taeyang and GD. I am physically attracted to Rain and Tae Tae while I just love GD for being a great artist and fashionisto.
07. Do you learn the dances?
I used to take a “New Kpop Dance” class twice a week at a vocal/dance academy while I was in Korea. I learned EXO’s Wolf, that “I’m trapped” song and Shinee’s “Why so Serious.” I stopped going while learning “Growl” because I had to miss a few classes due to work so I was too far behind in the class to catch up. And that’s a hella hard dance to learn! Damn SM dances!

08. Do you like Super Junior?
They’re okay. I liked them a lot when I first got into kpop but I don’t really like their type of music anymore.
09. What’s your favorite SuJu song?
Sexy, Free and Single
10. Do you like hip hop groups or non hip hop?
Both are fine. I listen to things depending on my mood. I love it when groups get hip hop right. I hate it when they get it wrong.
11. What’s the first Korean song you heard?
Rain – Love Song
12. What’s the last song you heard?
Kim Bo Hyeong (from Spica) – Crazy Girl
13. Have you ever been to any Korean concerts?
Yes, about 30 or so.
14. What would you do if you saw any Korean idol walking down the street in your town?
Hmm. I’d probably attempt to say something if they had a small entourage and depending on who it was. Let’s say it was Taeyang, who’s known to be really inviting to fans coming up to him then definitely. If it was someone like GD or Top I’d just stare from afar. 😀
15. Which K-Idol are you most in love/lust with?
Taeyang. (Rain cheated on me so I’m still mending my broken heart.) 
16. Which three idols would you most love to meet in person (Dead or alive)?
Seo In Young, Xia Junsu and Hyohyun of GG.
17. Three things you would like to say to/ask them?
Seo In Young – “Let’s go shopping together.” Or “Please hire me.”

Xia Junsu – “Why you so good?” And “Why you let all the JFans buy up ALL yo tickets?”

Hyohyun – “”When you gon’ break away from that group and whip your hair back and forth?”

18. Which three idols can you relate to most?
Taeyang because were both Christians and I feel we have similar personalities.
Rain because we have similar childhood traumas and life upbringings.
GDragon because were both Chinese zodiac Dragons and have inner fashion weirdness.
19. Which three Korean songs do you constantly replay?
Don’t make me choose! GD – Coup De’tat, EXO – Growl, Taeyang – Don’t Judge Me (Chris Brown cover)
20. Do you have any idols as your background?
Currently Tae Tae.

21. Which idol would you most like to get fashion/makeup advice from?
Seo In Young and/or Gd. Or Narsha.

22. Do you read K-Idol fan fiction?
Nope. I ain’t read fan fiction since Pretty Ricky was out.
23. What is your favorite K-Idol related dream?
Umm. The one where it wasn’t a dream.
24. How many Korean MP3s do you have?
Around 500 I think.

My CD collection (since this summer.) Many more have been added. Lol. 

25. And, finally, if you could sleep with any three idols, who would they be?

(Is Benedict Cumberbatch considered an idol? No? Dang Okay then….)
Well golly I’m NOT a kpop fan groupie whore! I’d say NONE. BUT let’s say hypothetically if I were dating one of them, I’d like Leo of VIXX (I’ve met him before and wanted to throw my drawls at him), Taeyang and Zico of Block B. He could rap a lullaby in my ear. Lol.(And I secretly like Jaejoong. But Shh…keep it on the DL.)

Also can I throw Wooyoung up in there too?

Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to share and comment!

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