MAMAS (Mnet Asian Music Awards) 2011 Top Favorite Moments

Going over my top Favorite Moments from the MNET Asian Awards. What were your favorites?


#5 B2ST
A group I don’t listen to heavily but who is really making waves in the Kpop scene. I feel they could grow to that TVXQ level. But of course no one will EVER replace TVXQ.


Aziatix is a Korean group from America. They sing in English and are an EXTRAORDINARY group. Very R&B and hip hop. Please Check them out and support!


And group member Eddie so is FOINE! 😉

#3 SNSD/Girls Generation/소녀시대


#2 Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre! 
Who would have ever thought Snoop and Dre would be at the Asian Music Awards showing them how it done! Oh course promotion for the Beats by Dre headphones were in full gear.
So if Snoop and Dre can be accepting of Asian artists SO CAN YOU AMERICA!


#1 Super Junior and Koda Kumi
Both artists brought Sexiness to the MNET stage.

How’s you like the show?

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