Big Bang Knocking It Out With Vogue Korea

The promotions continue for one of the most epic comebacks ever in Kpop (or music in general), Big Bang. Photos have been released featuring Big Bang in a boxing ring theme. I like that Seungri and Daesung are being portrayed as the sexy ones because it’s usually just Taeyang. Now I am definitely NOT complaining, I just appreciate YG keeping Big Bang fresh and fans guessing.

I’ll tell you what, somehow guys get 10x sexier with blonde hair. Geesh! Gets me every time!
My favorites have to be the GD and Daesung photos. GD can do no wrong. 
Photo Credit: Vogue Korea

1 thought on “Big Bang Knocking It Out With Vogue Korea”

  1. These photos really are something interesting! For the first time I think Daesung is sexy! It's good that they change their "roles". It's fresh to see Taeyang wearing clothes properly. 😀

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