Lions, and Tigers, and BIG BANG, OH MY!

I knew GD would be saved for last!
*On a side note: I’m happy that YG didn’t prologue releasing these teasers like SM is doing right now with the EXO video teasers. Just saying!
YG has released another teaser photo for BB’s comeback featuring Taeyang. TOP and Daesung’s photos were released days prior. The photos scream “WE ARE THE BEST” and truly Big Bang is .
Beginning February 17th, YG will be releasing a new BB promotional commercial daily for 13 days here in Korea. Not sure what channel they will be on yet, but I will find out soon!
Check out the artistic images below!
I can’t pick a favorite!
Their ALIVE WORLD TOUR starts in Seoul and is promoted by LIVE NATION with production and choreography lead by the diva herself LAURIE ANN GIBSON. She also retweeted my tweet about my excitement for Big Bang’s concert!
A great way to stay up to date with Big Bang and the entire YG family is to download the official YG ENT Family APP for Andriod or IPhone.

Photo Credit: YG ENT

4 thoughts on “Lions, and Tigers, and BIG BANG, OH MY!”

  1. Were you able to get tickets to the Big Show concert? I tried but failed miserably lol I'm soooo anticipating this comeback. It seems late January through February has been a VERY busy year for K-pop, and I'm loving it!

  2. I know right!! I feel like this could be like the golden year of kpop.aka 2008! ♥ Now I wasnt able to get the BB TIX online even though i waited hours. They sold out on 20 minutes online. Also did u try purchasing them from the us? I heard that gmarket site doesnt allow US ip addresses to be able to buy tickets. Its crazy! But i will jus go n buy a tix at the venue. Theres usually always tix left to purchase.

  3. Lol me too girl, but I think I'd change my mind as soon as GD came around. He just HAS so much SWAG. Seriously it just oozes off of him! I'd let Taeyang holla if he was 5 inches taller lol

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