PFN Fashion: Summer in Seoul

I hope you all enjoy these photos! They were taken at the breathtaking Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul. My good photographer friend created some amazing photos.
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While we were there the most random thing happened to me. A group of girls happened to be filming with a camera crew. It looked like they were doing a reality show or something. So while I was changing shoes my friend tapped me on the shoulder and was like “Hey I think those girls want to talk to you.” I was in total shocked when I looked over and they were slowing inching toward me with smiling and shy faces. They first spoke to me in Indonesia (where they were from) because they thought I was Indonesian also! Lol. Random. So I told them, no just American. They asked if I was a model which I busted out laughing like you guys gotta be kidding me! They then proceeded by asking how they could get their hair like mine. (We did a few photos that day so my hair was down at the time.) I just replied “Oh wash it then shake your hair really crazy” which made them all laugh. Lastly they asked me to sing which was totally random so I chose for all of us to sing Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby. So we all danced and chanted “Boom Shaka Laka” Really fun AND random. Lol. ONLY in Korea. So please enjoy this collection of photos showcasing my style. I will continually do street style photos like this and post. I was really excited because Korea has such amazing scenery so I felt these street photos would really stand out. My photographer and I had a blast doing these photos. He wanted to do a photo of me crossing the street which was exhilarating to do! Also some in the middle of a medium of a busy street. Gotta love the bravery 🙂

8 thoughts on “PFN Fashion: Summer in Seoul”

  1. you are definitely in great shape! That taekwondo is working you hard lol keep it up! I love the blog, really fun and enlightening(:

  2. Hi. Well, I'm an Indonesian VIP 😀 In case you are wondering who are those young girls and what are they doing, they are some kind of Indonesian girlband. SNSD-like girlband, to be specific. In my opinion, their attitude are quite random, you know, trying to be aegyo and stuff XD I see you feel the same. Then, please don't think all Indonesians are like that 🙂

    Anyway your pink blazer is gorgeous! And I love your confidence! I would have fainted if I were you. Taking photos at such crowded place would take so much confidence which I believe I don't have XD

  3. Oh wow thanks for the info!
    I wasn't sure who they were! Thanks for the info. Lol and no prob, I won't think all Indonesians are like that ;P
    Indonesian VIP in the house!
    Thanks for commenting and liking 🙂
    And yes it took me a bit to get comfortable enough to take the photos in front of all those random people but as I got in the mode I got more comfy so I understand you!
    Thanks again 🙂

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