What’s up Korea? Things I Miss

What’s up Korea?

I’ve decided to post a weekly blog post about whatever comes to my mind. I hadn’t realized how much I suppress or keep to myself since being here in Korea. My cousin came to visit me last weekend and not until she came and experienced Korea for herself did I realize how a big change it was for me too. I have friends and such out here but I’ve really never shared with anyone the challenges and things I have face and still face today. So these weekly posts will open my thoughts to you and give you all a rundown of what’s happening around me and to me in Korea.

1. I REALLY miss American snacks. Korea doesn’t sell cakes or cookies, It’s mostly traditional Korean snacks (stuffed with mushed red beans) and expensive American candy bars. I miss cupcakes, brownies and DELICIOUS REAL CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies. (My grandma’s are the best in the WORLD.) I don’t know how one can F UP a freaking brownie or cookie but Lord have mercy Korea has jacked up the taste of a cookie.

2. I also miss being able to go grab a hot dog and a bag of Cheetos. They only sell one type of really spicy fish (?) flavored kind. Agh! They sell nasty wanna be hot dogs on a stick. I MISS QUIKTRIP!
3. The movie theater being right down the street. Ah yes in Missouri the movie theater was 3 minutes up the street. Since I live in the country, the closes movie place is 30 minutes away. That’s like a 25,000 won Taxi ride!

4. Having a window in my apartment. Pretty self explanatory.
5. Folks understanding me. Now I can speak Korean pretty well, can have conversation, can read and write it, BUT it’s nowhere advanced enough for me to correctly get my point across. I recently tried to do a money transfer from my Korean account to my US acct and GOLLY talk about the transfer FROM HELL. Literally had me in tears. Sometimes it REALLY sucks when you can’t communicate with someone because of a language barrier. But thank God for MOMMY’S! She had to take care of the problems on the USA end. Thanks mommy!
6. Being able to borrow money when in need. I’m literally on my own out here. My mom helps me as much as she can but really it’s just ME! I guess that’s adult life! Here goes another weekend with a few won and only rice and ramen in the fridge. Sigh….
7. Nowhere selling my size bra (except in Itaewon) and pants. And thong underwear. Apparently Korean women only like full coverage undies. Sigh…again….
Anywho I feel better now. 🙂 Also I’ve been making changes to the blog! Can you spot any of the differences? I’m teaching myself html so that I can create a one of a kind template for the PFN blog! A lot to learn, but the changes should be complete soon!
Hope you all have a great end of the week!
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2 thoughts on “What’s up Korea? Things I Miss”

  1. You sound like my friend who studied abroad last year. She missed EVERYTHING. Even the things that she hated about America, she missed it. 🙂

    It all gets better though.

  2. That news report reeked. As if a man's nationality is what makes him either a bad influence or lily-white. Last time I noticed, some Korean men scam women out of money, hit it and quit it and knock them up, disconnect their phones and act like all-around jerks too. Just because they don't engage in PDAs out on the street and wait until the door's closed hardly makes a difference in the end result. Whoop-dee-do.

    How about doing a report on avoiding bad man behavior across the board? Now that would be helpful.

    Expats should have been really pissed off. How offensive.

    Thanks for sharing this, pink.

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