Top 5 Kpop Summer Fashion Looks – 2015

Everyone knows with summer comes fun summer jams! And with summer jams comes cool and fun fashion so of course this year is no different. Take a look at some of the best Kpop summer fashion out right now don’t forget to let me know which style is your favorite in the comments!

#5 Jay Park

Jay Park is known for his street swag so it’s seldom we get to see him in such a chill and bright look as this. The waves in his hair are as smooth as the ocean waves so be prepared for a Jay Park summer jam!


#4 BIGBANG Vogue

BIGBANG always shows off the latest fashion and this year is no exception. Rocking the July cover of Vogue Korea, the boys take country chic to a new level and earn the #4 spot.

Watch the behind the scene video here.


#3 Sistar – Shake It

Sistar’s back with a new summer jam and look. Now usually I’m not a fan of Sistar’s style but this comeback revealed an edgier fun style that I’m more a fan of. I’d honestly wear all the outfits they have on (with some added fabric on the shorts of course!) But overall Hyolyn, Bora, Dasom and Soyu are kicking butt this summer. The song may be bla but the clothes aren’t so they come in at #3 in our Top 5 Kpop Summer Fashion Looks 2015.


#2 9Muses – Hurt Locker (다쳐)

I appreciate that the girl group comebacks this summer have deviated from their original concepts. Overall, 9Muses’ style is fashionable but the looks in the Hurt Locker video take them a step up. This video focused a lot more on individual style which is what sets trendsetters and trend followers a part. Hey, there is a reason why G-Dragon is known as the fashionista of Korea! It definitely wouldn’t of happen if BIGBANG were matchy matchy all the time. It came from individual style which with this current look 9Muses can make that happen for them also.


#1 Gu Hara in Choco Chip Cookie (초코칩쿠키)

I love love love everything about this video! The fine luscious, muscular man in the video^^, the cute couple dance and the sexy sweet outfits she flaunts around in. She doesn’t just go with teh typical boho summer look but a much more quirky and stylish style that stands out from the rest. Gu Hara’s summer look definitely takes the number one spot!

Hope you enjoyed my list for the Top 5 Summer Kpop Fashion Looks of 2015. Have anyone else to add? 
Let me know in the comments!

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