2 Fun Places to Check out in Casper, Wyoming

Hello everyone!

For this first installment of Cool Girl City Travel, we head to the great North!

Frankly, I never imagined I would desire or get the opportunity to explore the expansive northern regions of the United States, but at the time of writing, I’ve been fortunate to visit three times.

As the least populated state in the country, there may not be a plethora of entertainment options, but the vast landscapes offer numerous picturesque outdoor activities.

Casper, in particular, stood out as a laid-back town. With the abundance of space up north, most people simply go about their business, a quality I genuinely appreciate. Although my stay was short, spanning four days, I managed to immerse myself in the city and collaborate with the local community.

The cheapest round-trip tickets from Chicago to Casper

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If you’re looking to visit you can download my FREE Cool Girl City Travel Tips Guide for Casper, Wyoming.

What A Cute Airport!

One might automatically assume that airports anywhere would probably be somewhat big and bustling, but Casper Natrona Airport was quite the opposite. Easy rental car pickup with cars right outside the doors, no one in line for security check, and only 4 gates! The downside to that is, since it’s a small airport and there’s not much to do, security will excessively check your bag. Big eyeroll.

Furthermore, there is only ONE airline that operates at Casper (Delta), so delayed flights can be a hassle because there are virtually no other options. I started to feel anxious when the one flight out for the day was delayed three times. Oh, and flights only go between Minnesota (which worked out for me because the KARD concert was that weekend in Minneapolis.) Don’t you just love when things work out.

Cool Girl City Tip: To prevent staying another night in Casper due to delayed flights – choose earlier return flights to have more choices when looking for flights out. The later your flight the less options you’ll be able to choose from.

Sweet Zoey Middle Eastern Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Uh, Who Knew Casper Had Such Good Food

In terms of the most surprising thing Casper offered – amazing Middle Eastern food was not on my Wyoming bingo card.

For my first lunch in Wyoming, I decided to check out Sweet Zoey’s Middle Eastern Restaurant and Coffee Shop.

After viewing their menu selection I went with their creamy Baba Ghanoush, baklava (my favorite dessert in the world) and a smoothie.

I actually ended up not liking the smoothie and had left it on the table but a cook ran after me to ask if anything was wrong with the drink and if there was a way they could make it right. So they made me a different drink which I ended up really enjoying.

I was extremely appreciative of their level of customer service so I decided to return the next day for lunch but opted for the beef Saj burrito with banging tzatziki sauce and of course more baklava. By far the Saj burito was my favorite but overall the entire experience was enjoyable so I’d absolutely return again.

Rotary Park and Garden Creek Falls

Me Hiking? Ha!

Time for transparency. I’m NOT an outdoorsy time person. I’d like to be but I don’t think I was built for the wild. Though I’ve always dreamed of taking archery (actually that’s a good 2023-24 goal.) I have though – since traveling again – pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone. I honestly get a bit scared when being in large open spaces as one can get lost quite easily. So for now I’ll stick to the smaller outdoor adventures like those in Rotary Park located in Natrona, County.

The waterfall was breathtaking and the scenery peaceful. I was even caught in the middle of a large group of butterflies. Truly magical. After taking in the waterfall, I took a quick but rocky trail up to the top of the mountain. I was out of breath once I reached the top but it was worth it to see the gorgeous Casper skyline.

For lodging, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express which was close to many shops and only 15 minutes from Rotary Park.

Last but not least this is like the 3rd city I’ve been to that someone has said they’ve seen me before. I think I have a few doppelgangers. Let’s meet up and have a doppelganger party!

Have you been to Casper Wyoming or thinking about going up North? What were your favorite things to do?

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