Solo Traveler? Here Are 5 Fun Cities For 2024

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Solo traveling has been the most inspiring and eye-opening adventure I’ve ever embarked on. When I first started to explore solo in my early 20s, I had no clue that the action in itself was a huge undertaking. So many people would comment on how “brave I was” for traveling alone.

Hearing that was always surprising for me because at the time, I didn’t quite understand the depth of confidence one must have to take the leap to solo travel. I never once sat down and asked myself how I felt going overseas by myself. I literally just decided it was what I wanted to do, got the paperwork done, and was on the next flight.

Now, as a 30+ year old woman solo traveling, I’ve had the time to reflect on my past and fully understand how much confidence I had to make the travel decisions I did so early in life. Solo traveling is literally the pinnacle act that allows you to discover and understand exactly who YOU are. It also magnifies how others view you and how you view yourself. You have to be quite comfortable with seeing all the raw parts of yourself mentally and emotionally; something the majority of the population finds extremely uncomfortable.

So here are 5 places that I highly recommend visiting in 2024 for solo travelers who are ready to discover a new piece of themselves in every city they visit. Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places on the list and what your favorite parts were in the comments.

Why should you solo travel in 2024?

2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon which is all about creativity and new ideas, so solo traveling to fun and new places is a must to make the most of the year. Traveling alone allows one to focus on your own intuitions with self reflection and personal growth taking center stage. You also get to meet all kinds of new people on the way that you might not have if you were busy traveling with a group. And let’s not forget about budgeting where you can align your financial preferences to your own liking.

What Cities Should Solo Travelers Visit in 2024?

Osaka, Japan: An Overshadowed Style and Nightlife Capital

Osaka, often overshadowed by Tokyo, is THE best of everything. From the delicious seafood, wild and vibrant nightlife, to the trendy, fashion forward young generation– it’s actually everything you could ever want in a city. I made the mistake of allotting only 1 day in the city thinking that I’d be able to see the major spots in a days journey but wow, was I wrong.

In hindsight I needed about a week to fully embrace the nightlife, shopping and sights. I didn’t even get 1/4 of my Osaka to-do list checked.

An amazing aspect of Japan overall is its unique appreciation for solo excursions. Over the years, Japanese businessmen have often found themselves dining alone late after work. As a result, there is an abundance of restaurants and activities tailored specifically for individuals. This amazing piece of the cultures adds a layer of comfort and security when traveling the country.

Osaka, like most of Japan, is extremely safe for solo travelers but always use caution when exploring the nightlife.

Luxor, Egypt: An Break from the Chaos of Cairo

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut – Luxor, Egypt

For solo travelers with a passion for history and archaeology, Luxor is a must-visit destination. The city is home to some of Egypt’s most impressive ancient sites, including the Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and the Valley of the Kings.

Solo adventurers can explore these archaeological wonders, cruise along the Nile, and witness the breathtaking sunrise over the Temple of Hatshepsut. Luxor’s rich history and awe-inspiring landscapes create an unforgettable solo travel experience that will transport you back in time.

I was pleasantly surprised by this city, finding it much more relaxed than Cairo. The skies and air felt notably cleaner, and the locals were exceptionally hospitable compared to their northern neighbor. The sight of palm trees added to the welcoming atmosphere, making it difficult to depart.

Regrettably, my stay here was brief, as my flight was randomly rescheduled by the airline. Nonetheless, I’d love to revisit this tranquil and charming city once more.

Had I the chance to rearrange my itinerary, I would have opted to remain in Luxor and simply fly to Cairo for a brief visit. I genuinely suggest considering accommodations outside of Cairo for a more rewarding experience.

Below are my two most recommended tours in Egypt which I’ve personally used. I HIGHLY suggest requesting Mohammad Guda as your guide for the All inclusive 2 day as he is THE best tour guide in Egypt.

Dallas, Texas: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Dallas boasts some of America’s finest dining establishments, catering to every palate imaginable. Unlike cities such as San Antonio that’s heavily Tex-Mex based, Dallas offers a diverse array of culinary options across different categories. Whether you’re in the mood for nutritious fare like Flower Child or crave delectable Japanese cuisine at Gogogiri, Dallas has it all within easy reach.

Moreover, Dallas serves as an ideal hub for concert travel. As a solo traveler who frequently attends concerts nationwide, I’ve found Dallas Love Airport to be one of the most budget-friendly options for flying in and out.

For a convenient and enjoyable solo getaway, look no further than Dallas!

Frankenmuth, Michigan: A Taste of Bavaria in the US

For a charming and unconventional solo travel experience, head to Frankenmuth, Michigan. Known as “Michigan’s Little Bavaria,” this quaint town offers a taste of Germany in the heart of the United States. Solo travelers can stroll through the picturesque streets, visit the world’s largest Christmas store, and savor authentic German cuisine.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Frankenmuth, combined with its unique cultural offerings, makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxed and friendly solo adventure.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit this city twice, and on each occasion, I’ve discovered something new. Exploring the streets, you truly get the sense of being transported to another country.

It’s an excellent destination for acquiring a variety of unique cheeses and delightful souvenirs for your loved ones without breaking the bank. Plus, stocking up here means you won’t have to worry about bringing back gifts on your next international trip! πŸ˜„

Casper, Wyoming: Just the Right Amount of Outdoor

For those seeking solitude and natural beauty, Casper, Wyoming, is the perfect solo travel destination. Nestled in the heart of the American West, Casper offers vast landscapes, including the stunning Casper Mountain and the North Platte River. Solo travelers can hike, bike, or simply unwind in the serenity of nature.

With its clear skies, Casper is also an excellent spot for stargazing. Embrace the spirit of the Old West while enjoying the tranquility and openness that this Wyoming gem has to offer.

As someone who doesn’t typically gravitate towards outdoor activities, Casper, Wyoming offered me just the right amount to enjoy without feeling inundated. Rotary Park, situated in Casper, provided a secure environment for my solo exploration, allowing me to stroll along its pathways and ascend a nearby mountain to admire the cityscape.

The highlight was a leisurely walk of less than 30 minutes, which led me to a charming waterfall and a gentle climb up a small hill for panoramic views.


In 2024, solo travelers have a world of exciting destinations awaiting them. From the bustling streets of Osaka to the historical significance of Luxor, each location on this list promises a unique and enriching experience for those venturing out on their own. Whether you’re drawn to culinary delights, historical wonders, cultural immersion, or natural beauty, these destinations offer a perfect blend of adventure and solitude for the solo traveler in 2024. Pack your bags, embrace the unknown, and let these destinations inspire your next solo adventure.

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