This Pinterest demin top DIY is a must try

My favorite DIY motto: When there’s something you want, just MAKE IT.

So as soon as I saw this jean top on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it out so ran over to my local Savers and found a decent pair of jeans along with other stuff I probably didn’t need. Then I had to make a nighttime fabric store run to grab another thread ripper as I somehow misplaced my current one I had.

After finally collecting all the utensils I needed for the project: I got the ripping.

About 5-10 mins and a few try ons later I was finished! Literally the quickest DIY I ever did.

Mine came out slightly different due to me using a pair of womens jeans and having a larger chest but overall I’d say my satisfaction with this DIY was high.

DIY Rating: 8/10



Even if this turned out bad I only spent $6 #diyfashion

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