New Life in Chicago!

Wow hello everyone!!!

It literally has been a year and 7 months since I’ve blogged. That’s crazy right? Literally during that entire time I had no enthusiasm to write.

Just none.

99.9% had to do with me being back in my boring hometown of Kansas City. There’s just nothing to do! I mean yeah, if you like drinking all night long or are a stay at home mom with 5 kids and likes to spend the day at Target then yeah, it’s the most coolest place ever! But lo and behold neither of those are me.

I’m 28 (29 in November), single (was in a relationship for almost 2 years but I’ll tell you about that later), no kids (thank you Jesus) and have traveled the world! I want to hang out with my well traveled and open-minded friends at a cool coffee shop then go to karaoke and sing the entire BigBang MADE album and end the night with bulgogi and sam gyeop sal!

I kind of was able to do that in Kansas City thanks to my great friend (and only friend in Kansas City) Carol. She showed me this back end of a strip mall that was literally a “Little Korea” with a Thai, Korean &Japanese restaurant, a Korean grocery store, a Korean stationary store and freaking Tour Les Jours. Yes! Can you believe they opened one in Kansas City? ME neither. So with her, once a month we’d escape to Little Korea but other than that life has been a bore.

Things are now a changing!

I will now be in Chicago! Just 4 months prior to this I would have had no clue I’d be interviewing, then getting an offer, then purchasing a plane ticket to, then starting a job in Chicago! It literally was in God’s plan because my apartment lease was ending and my job had openings in Chicago. So I talked with my HR and got some interviews set up (I’ll be relocating within the company) and BAM. Chicago here I come!

So with Chicago comes many things to do. Mostly every Kpop concert (and Japanese as well) make a stop in Chicago. Literally just in the last 6 months Taeyang, G-Dragon, BTS, KARD and many more have been there. And did I tell you all in April I went up there to see Miyavi and got to MEET HIM AND TAKE A PHOTO? Yes…my proof is below.

We met Kiha and the Faces and Slot Machine as well!

Ahhhh! THE best night ever. Like for reals. My Samuari Guitarist King.

So with so many concerts and such comes opportunites. For those who don’t know I am co-host of the most aweosme podcast around Jinjja Cha Podast.

My co-host Girl Davis lives in London and every week we get together to record our show.

You all know I stay busy! I was with Aewen Radio for about 4 years and had an amazing time. So I enjoy being on the air sharing my views.

So hopefully I’ll be able to get interviews and such from artists when in Chicago and share with you all!

I’m also going to be starting my styling again. And most of you know I am a visual merchandiser/stylist so my creative juices are always flowing. With so many opportunities in Chicago I will be networking my butt off. I would love to style Asian artists when they’re in the area for photo shoots/fan signings and such. It’ll have challenges to get it started but if I was able to do it in Korea I can do it in my own country! It’ll take time but that’s what hustling is.

I’m also starting my YouTube channel back up! Throughout the last few years I’ve had many ask if I would ever start my channel back up. And the answer is finally yes! I’ll be brainstorming what sort of content I’d like to cover. So if you all have any requests or suggestions let me know! Honestly the Korea Foreigner vlog area is so over saturated right now that I don’t want to say the same things (especially because most of it I’ve already spoken about when I was living in Korea.) I’ll definitely keep it more style based (Korean style), where to get Korean stuff in Chicago and random Korea tid bits. You guys know I’ll bring the laughter!

And I know most of you guys are wondering if I’ll ever return to Korea? The answer is no, at least for now. I’m nowhere near fluent which is what you need to be able to work in a non-educational field. But I do believe opportunities will take me there….. or just a simple vacation! Korea’s my second home so it’ll always be in my heart.

And before I had stated I had been in a relationship for the past year.

My first love actually….

Most women have other women “take” their man.

Mine was a little demon named Fireball!

Alcoholism is real.

I learned the hard way that there’s no way you can win. Liquor takes over the mind and soul of the ones we love. First and first most we must watch out for ourselves making sure we take ourselves out of the situation early on even if it’s tough.

And oh, is it tough.

But I was able to come out the other end successful. He and I are amicable but see it’s best for us to be apart. And I do believe it was meant to be this way. When the opportunity came for the job in Chicago I was extremely unhappy with my current job, I had recently broken up with him and my lease was coming up. God knew I needed to be separated from all those things to move further in my life and move on to the next chapter.

Everything is a lesson learned for the next chapter.

So I’ll be chatting with you all much more frequently from now on. After I get my apartment in a month I’ll be starting my YouTube channel back up and everything will finally be back in full swing.

I want to thank you all for your continued support through the (I think 7) years I’ve had this blog! Let’s have 7 more!

– April
aka The Pink Fashion Ninja
aka the FIYA-BIRD

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