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Hello everyone!
I’m happy to announce a special offer for my followers! If you enjoy the fashions of your favorite KPop or Asian celebrity but don’t know where to purchase those items, you’re in luck! is an online Korean fashion and accessories store that sells the latest in trends. They offer worldwide shipping to many countries so everyone can enjoy fashionable and well made clothing. The site caters to those who love Asian fashion…and that’s you! An added bonus is that the clothes are made in Korea! Have I excited you enough? Good. Now here’s the code!


Explore the site and find items you’ve been dying to have. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know how you like

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How’s the sizing?
There aren’t S,M, L’s to choose from so must know your measurement to check if the item you want will fit. Their measurements are done in cm.. For those who are more familiar with measuring in inches (i.e. me!) here’s the conversion 2.54 cm = 1 inch. 
Let’s use an example

The measurements for this top are as follows.
Shoulder: FREE 58      Chest Width   110       Sleave length 47.5      Full Length 55

If you see FREE written, that indicates the shirt is free size (aka an oversized top) and should fit most people. The 58 cm is to give an exact measurement of the free size. So 58 cm = 22.83 inches top. 22 inches is between a XXL and an XXXL (misses). If your size is smaller or around that range, the shirt will work for you! 
How can I pay?
You can use PayPal to make your purchase. This is the only form of payment at this time.

How can I track my order?
With each purchase you will be emailed a confirmation number but tracking numbers are not available. 

What’s the return policy?
Any items you are not satisfied with may be returned within 2-4 days from the time received in its original condition. 
Return Address
901 E. 31st St. #101
Los Angeles, Califorinia 90011

If you have other inquiries you can visit their Customer Service page for more info.

So go and head over to and shop away! Comment, tweet, or post a picture on the PFN page to show me what items you’ve bought!

2 thoughts on “ 10% off Discount Code!”

  1. Hello!
    Great! So happy you enjoy the clothes. Sorry about them being a bit pricey. I do understand. A few of their accessory item seems to be a little lower priced. I really like this burgundy belt they have lol
    And yes I guess you can say they're newer. The company started in 2007.
    I do hope you're able to get those cute shoes! 😉

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