Kpop Style Spotlight: Seo In Young

Seo In Young is a woman who knows style. And I mean not just knows, but KNOWS it. Style definitely seems to naturally run through her veins unlike many of her kpop counterparts who seem to only know what their stylist tells them.


In Young first came on the scene with Kpop veteran group Jewelry but then departed years later to become a solo artist. Since becoming a solo artist and starting her own entertainment company, In Young has spread her wings and became a household name. I was first introduced to her through her 2012 hit “Anymore” which at the time was being played EVERWHERE in Seoul. I heard it so many times while out and about it made me look her up and see what she was about. Her next single was the electro dance track “Let’s Dance” that had me sold. Her flair and unhibited style grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Everytime she came on MNet countdown I was glued to the TV to see what she was wearing.

Love Me

Her newest release ” 나를 사랑해줘” (Love ME) is a mellow jazzy song for the fall. Though the song is basic for Kpop, the video makes it stand out. It’s more like a fashion show than a video which makes it even more pleasing to watch while making you some how get sucked into liking the song A LOT.

For the video In Young went through many different styles including rocker, baby doll, bohemian and romantic. The video really showcases how versatile she is. Check it out below.

Earlier this year Seo In Young was one of the vocal coaches for “Voice Kids Korea” and in 2012 became the main MC for E! – Star Beauty Show. 

In a recent interview, In Young named G-Dragon her favorite style icon.

Her hairpiece is to die for right? Rihanna recently wore a similar headband earlier this year in one of her Instagram photos from renowned milliner brand Maison Michel. I ran into one for $28 on that’s currently sold out. There’s similar ones for $16 at (sold out). only $4.80 at, one with a lace veil on Ebay for $22.99 and one with either Bunny or Mickey style ears for $14.49.
Don’t we all someday want a pair of red bottoms?

Check out the video for the fun dance track “Let’s Dance.”
And the blinged out, high fashion video for her 2011 single “Oh My Gosh.”

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