Korea’s Next Top Model Recap: Episodes 5 & 6 – feat Jung Ho Yeon of Squid Games

Back with another recap for Episodes 5 and 6. A lot of surprises were in store for us with two models being sent home and one model RETURNING! While Episode 6 was a laid back KNTM special episode featuring previous season models so let’s get into it!

Episode 5

Episode 5 started with the models being introduced to their first challenge which was another runway challenge but with a twist! The ladies had to walk on an un-attached runway on water! The model who could strut her stuff the best without any mishaps would be the winner. They also made the contestants wear 5 inch heels! Ah too much! As you can see from the screen caps, the challenge didn’t go well for everyone.

Shin Hyun Ji came out the victor winning a $200 bag shopping spree and chose Ha Un as her friend to share the prize with. After the challenge the ladies were treated to a special spa day full of massages, yoga and good food!

For the second main challenge the girls had to bring out their inner princess in a Fairy Tale photo shoot but before they began they were greeted with a surprise! 20 year old Jung Ho Yeon from the episode 3 elimination came back! Let’s just say that the look on the other models faces were priceless!

In a surprise turn of events all 5 models who were previously eliminated had to compete in the same water runway challenge as the others models! The result being only 1 re-entering the competition, that being Ho Yeon. Welcome back!

So for the challenge there were 1 of 3 princesses the contestants were given: Snow White, The Little Mermaid, and Rapunzel. Shi Won, Kim Un Hye, and Ha Un had Snow White, Seo Young, Hyun Ji and Ye Ri were Ariel while Ho Yeon, Hyun Jo, and Hye Ah were Rapunzel. None of the Little Mermaid photos came out good mainly, in my opinion, due to the styling and pose they had them in. The ruffles at the bottom of their costume made them look short and stumpy. Also during Kim Hye Ah’s shoot the photographer and their coach were a bit peeved at her lack of enthusiasm during the shoot and even questioned if she wanted to even be a model during the elimination ceremony. There was also a reoccurring communication problem with Young Chae (who is deaf) that frustrated the directors.

The win went to Shi Won with her sultry rendition of Snow White.

The bottom 3 consisted of Kim Un Hae, Seo Young Chae and Kim Hye Ah.

Unfortunately Seo Young Chae and Kim Un Hae were sent home. Uh! Totally wanted Hye Ah expressionless self to go home!

Seo Young Chae

Kim Un Hae

After the elimination host Yoon Ju announced that the ladies will fly to PHUCKET THAILAND! So excited for what’s in store for the gals!

Watch Ep 5 Part1 and Part 2

Episode 6

Like previously stated, this episode was a special featuring previous KNTM’s. They sat and chatted with Top Model host Yoon Ju about their careers and the going ons of the current season.

The first guest model was Season 2 Top 4 contestant Song Hae Na who was also the lead model in Seungri’s newest video “Gotta Talk To You.”

Season 3 Top 4 contestant Go So Hyun who’s recently modeled for Vogue Girl.

And last but not least Season 3 Top 3 contestant Kim Jin Gyeong who stays busy modeling for various magazines and walking runways.

So that’s it! You can click here to watch the episode. And don’t forget to check in for Episode 7 featuring the ladies in Phucket!

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